In praise of the muffuletta, a classic New Orleans sandwich

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Central Grocery is the only muffuletta.


It’s one of the many must-have treats in NOLA but it is huge. You gotta share, cher…


honestly olive salad sounds like a good addition to just about any cold cut sandwich. Have to try that.


Up next: Tacos - they’re delicious!

Seriously, though, yes, muffuletta are great.


I believe this was the idea behind Schlotzsky’s (and Alvin Ord’s if they’re still around, somewhere), though they’re served warm not cold. Physically similar & not bad, but not the same. (I also don’t think they’re as good as they used to be. Disclaimer: I worked at one for a while during high school.)

Jason’s Deli sells a muffaletta & it’s nowhere near (can’t be) as good. That said, they used to offer tuna salad as the meat (& will still make it this way, if asked) which makes for a nice tuna melt.


I only got to visit New Orleans once, and it’s still my favorite city in the whole world. So many blissful memories of amazing food and architecture and more…


I first went to NO back in the late 60’s while I was on spring break from college, and I’ve never stopped going back. So many great neighborhoods, each with a distinctive feel. So much great architecture as noted above. Such a great music scene, and SO MANY terrific places to eat. For those who might not know this site, here’s a link to one of the best resources for eating in NO, organized by price, by neighborhood, and by cuisine.


You can also give giardiniera a try if you’re not familiar with it. It’s similar to olive salad, but instead of olives its primarily other vegetables, here in the US it’s often sport peppers, bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower and occasionally gherkins or olives, all in vinegar and oil. Giardiniera can be had hot or mild as well.


NOLA food posts are always welcome. More please
No one doesn’t like Central Grocery’s muffuletta, but I have a particular fondness for the one from Napolean House. Good memories in that little courtyard

Like all good food, though, the best muffuletta is the one in front of you.


Came here to mention giardiniera too!

The major difference is that the Giardiniera is primarily vegetables and the Muffalata is primarily olives.

But basically the same ingredients, just in different proportions.


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