Taste-testing weird, internet-famous pizzas

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In New Orleans try a muffaletta pizza, based on a classic local sandwich, made with Italian cold cuts and cheeses and olive salad.


I would totally eat that. It’s been forever since I’ve had a decent muffuletta.


ehhh… I’ll stick with my New Haven apizza…

It always drives me crazy when I hear someone say, “I’m kind-of a pizza purist” but I know that what they actually mean is: “I only like pizza that resembles what was made in the place where I grew up.”

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I made some myself a couple weeks ago and they were solo good. The olive tampanad was from a jar, but still good.

Kind of surprised they didn’t try this one:

I’m disappointed they didn’t take the opportunity to explore the simple options.



There’s a pizza place at The Big E that serves a white garlic pizza topped with provolone, peanut butter, and bacon. It’s called Skippy’s Dare, and so far I haven’t taken the dare.


That TonyBaloney’s taco pizza looks epic. I’d chow down on one of those with some buddies.
I’m almost frightened to know what one of those looks like after a normal delivery though… :scream:

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