There are two types of people

  • Pizza is good
  • Pizza is meh
  • Pizza is a divine principle created by God, the new world, Italians, new York, and not by Chicago

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People who know about this thread, and…?


Yes, I understand there are three options. :smiley:


Hahahaha! I totes missed that one, thank you!


The paradox:

People in Chicago don’t eat Chicago style pizza.

People in the Chicago Suburbs eat Chicago style pizza.


Is there actual evidence for that? Last time I saw an article asserting something like this it turned out to have been written by a NY transplant who was pulling data from her, um, thin air.


I don’t get why they can’t call it what it is and be done with it. Lasagna. There. Not so hard.


Lasagna is a kind of wide flat noodle. Also, secondarily, a dish made with lasagna noodles. If someone has been serving you pasta dishes and calling them “Chicago style pizzas,” it is no wonder that you are confused.


I make pizza dough and lasagna noodles by hand. So, no. No way, no how, not at all. No, nay, never.


Oh, you are dead to me!!! :imp:


Those who know binary and those who don’t? Oh wait, that’s 10 types of people.


What about this act of pizza disrespect:


I will admit to occasionally being guilty of eating pizza with a fork and knife, but only if I’m dressed nicely and I don’t want to share my meal with my clothing. The vast majority of the time I eat pizza as God(dess) intended, with my hands. :slight_smile:



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