In prison, "punitive frugality" causes ramen to beat cigarettes as currency

…fuck. They’re definitely using the same strategies- some not as aggressive, but still. And I know plenty of students who can’t afford to eat off the plan. Or get screwed because they’re vegetarian, or vegan…

Not joking. “Brunch” on weekends, plus dinner. Then if you show up to breakfast on the weekdays outside of this specific half-hour, no warm food; minimal amount of other food.

Christ. I joke about the place feeling like a prison but come on.

Still, not quite the same thing, I’d think. It sucks not being able to buy enough food to eat at school, but you’re still not imprisoned.


Pouches are foul. I’ve had some canned that’s actually quite agreeable. Some weird Russian smoked/pickled/canned thing. Quite, quite nice.

I am going to go on a limb and assume that the people in American prisons don’t get weird Russian delicacies. In fact if you look at @Mindysan33’s post they get barely anything at all. The last two on that list, in particular, are madness.


Also known as a human rights violation.


Nicotine withdrawal is not hazardous, and only takes a couple weeks. It’s not a necessity by any means.

Yes, and cruel and unusual punishment, too. Infamy. Monstrosity. Torture.

Everyone involved should never take another step as a free person.

They should, however, be fed properly. Because the rest of humanity is better than them and so are some things that grow on damp branches.


TIL: Feces grow on trees.


Well said. My struggles with nicotine have offered me a real window into what addiction is, and a lot of gratitude that I avoided harder options.


So, you’re from Maine?


I mean, obviously, but it’s still kinda messed up.

this is actually driven by the need to increase the use of expensive prison commissary systems. i speak as the parent of a child who spent 4 years in various state prisons in texas. in three of them the quality of the lunchline was absolute shit. we spent a lot of money on food and beverage items on the commissary. at the other prison the food was good and we hardly spent anything.


i was going to insert the “why can’t it be both” gif when i noticed that @bibliophile20 had already responded.


Step three: PROFIT!


Fucking evil shit “in Alabama, sheriffs can keep excess state funds provided to pay for prisoners’ food” you actually get paid to starve people if you are on the top of the shitty law enforcement ladder? I’d like to see the author of that law locked in prison for a long time. And I don’t think incarceration is appropriate for most circumstances.

Oh, and mackerel is one of the really great fish and pretty guilt free too.

What the haters ate must have beentoo old, fresh mackerel is a revelation. I have heard that some people can it but have no interest in it (we used to get tinned sardines as a kid, rank, as an adult getting the real thing beside the Mediterranean was a revelation. Mackerel slashed and stuffed with garlic and cumin or a bit of harissa is sublime).


Are you able to leave your university campus whenever you feel like it?

That’s an important distinction.


Not American at all. Mackerel also happens to be the favorite fish of a friend from Hong Kong, too, so the affection for it seems to be fairly universal.


You can use feces as fertilizer, you know. Compared to, oh, I don’t know, certain Alabama or Arizona LEOs, to pick an example entirely at random, feces comes out far, far ahead.

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Certain Alabama or Arizona LEOs can also be used as fertiliser, but they would require some “processing” that isn’t legal in any country in the world.

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LEOs? I don’t think so. Ever see how much (actually how little) corrections officers get paid in private prisons? I don’t think they’re making any of the big decisions.

I’m not particularly enamored of law enforcement at the moment, but I don’t see LEOs being the problem here as much as CEOs.