Jailhouse cuisine: how to cook prison spread

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This is baller shit right here, in jail. This some rich man shit.

I never, ever want to go to jail.


I guess “Trader Joe’s” is off the menu in the Big House?

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Well there is a guy named Joe, but he only trades in tossed salads.


Time is an amazing thing- given enough of it, humans can come up with some nutty stuff.

This? I suspect this is like camping food- it tastes amazing at the camp site. But make that same thing at home and try it? Nope nope nope nope nope.


That sounds like a pretty accurate assumption.


I’ve had a few buddies describe this exact recipe, which in Philadelphia is called “Chee-chee.”

If it starts with Ramen and Fritos, it is going nowhere good.

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