Japan has made instant ramen that tastes like Pringles


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I’m sure America isn’t far behind with ramen that tastes like cheesey puffs.




Finally! Technology: we iz dun now.


my favorite instant ramen comes with packs of tiny whole eels, you get around 6 a bowl.

very few instant ramen have much substance to them, i gravitate towards the higher end ones and doctor them up with my own egg and onion and veg when i am able.

i have a potato and gravy and mushroom one i got last week where the sauce packet is the same size as the noodle block. looking forward to checking that one out.


This is too strange even for Japan. This is supremely surreal. Who comes up with this stuff? I cant even imagine what this tastes like in real life terms…


Soo… they made salty water taste more salty? Genius!


I know, my tongue is shriveling just thinking about it.

Now, this is not to be confused with ramen-flavored Pringles

What about ramen-flavored Pringles flavored ramen? Ramenception.




Going shopping tonight; must look for these abominations of science.


Will this do?

Silly me, it was here that I read about it. My original search spelled out macaroni.


Here’s something nobody asked for: Pringles-flavored instant ramen noodles**.

This seems to be a sick twist of that old adage: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.


YouTuber Mike Chen sometimes explores the ramen offerings in various far-east convenience stores and it makes me want to cry.


As much as I love Pringles I can’t imagine this being a good idea.


I really miss the AMAZING ramen. I returned from Japan with a suitcase full of it and only have three bowls left.


imagine harder… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you soooooo much!
i’m loving his channel, could watch that guy eat all day, he loves his food as much as i do! :slight_smile:


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