James Brown and the $600 Cup Noodle Cooker

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I thought he was singing about Wiz Khalifa.

Large cups of salt with a few noodles and bits of dried veggies and some sort of meat

Most of the ones i’ve had that purported to have meat in it did not actually have meat but stock made out of said meat and sometimes weird minuscule floaty bits of mystery something that is definitely not meat.

Also mostly eating instant noodles is so extremely unhealthy i don’t know where to begin. I’ll just link you to this instead,

Coincidentally this reminds me, i was just listening to a podcast yesterday about food in prisons and how so much of the commissary items, snacks, etc are high in sodium, sugar, additives and other stuff. There are high incidences of people going into prison perfectly healthy and leaving with diabetes, failing kidneys, hypertension, etc.


Ni soba! Waaaao!

They must pay Western celebrities a king’s ransom for such humiliations.

For a second I was expecting some sort of Internet-connected, DRM’ed Teaforia/Juicero type of gadget.

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It’s weird how much I want this

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All I need is this and one of those thousand dollar tea machines…

And if you like the horrible crap that is cup noodles, please please go to your local asian market and try a selection of other instant noodles. Yeah, I know they’re not good for you, but they’re great for when you’re hungry, and either too tired or lazy to cook something healthier.

My current favorite:

There are a ton that aren’t bad, from cup soba to cup udon (kistune even), and curry things. There are pretty spicy Korean versions, and some even somewhat high end ones that come with non-dry noodles in bags with pretty tasty liquid sauces with varied condiments.

Cup Noodle is the “top ramen” of instant bowl noodles.

Mmmm hog rendering flavored!

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Hey, I’m not eating it because it’s healthy (and that’s for damn sure, because each one has like 2000% your daily required allotment of sodium…). Rendered hogs taste good (citation: Popularity of bacon…).

But… there are soy, miso, wakame etc… versions, so you could find a vegetarian (and still probably unhealthy) version should you please.

Pork is pretty much considered a vegetable here. Even the non meat instant ramens contain pork extract for flavoring.

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Next door to where i live there’s a korean market. I recently tried a mystery noodle bowl, all i could tell was that it was a non-fried noodle and had mushrooms. Maybe meat. It was really tasty but had no actual meat or mushrooms in it, probably just in the flavoring. I ended up adding an egg and some sardines to it, was perfection after that.

Definitely not something i make a habit of eating/buying regularly though.

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