The south's latest culinary trend: inadequate, rotting prison food, supplemented by cattle feed

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a public health problem everyone should care about because 95% of inmates return to their communities.

In say the last 100+ years we as a society haven’t ever given two shits about convicts returning to the streets, why would that change now? The question is rhetorical in nature…


I hope that at some point the people who are responsible for these things will themselves end up in prisons as horrible as those they helped create. I know it won’t happen, but that’s why I call it “hope.”


What do they expect from 2.25$ a day? Yes, in Alabama that’s a daily allowance for jail food.


Is that figure before or after the warden takes his cut for personal expenses?


Can anything this side of killing children for no better reason than be more MAGA than this (literal) shit? Only way to make America greater is a sociopathic private sector and their conservative, business-friendly politicians.
But we have democratic institutions; imagine how much worse things can be if we hadn’t!

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