In Russia, where wife-beating is legal, socialists celebrate Women's Day with feminist guerrilla "ads"

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The socialists’ posters also took aim at discrimination in the workplace, where Russian women earn roughly 30 percent less than men…

How barbaric! Where is this benighted land?


they are considering making it mandatory…!!

This post is a research failure. An assault that results in hospitalization is still a criminal offense under the new law. Also, repeated assaults are also a crime (even if none of them put the victim into a hospital). They say the intention is to ensure that people report assaults to the police and seek help, instead of being silent about it to avoid putting a family member in jail (that seems to be kind of taboo in Russia, must be dating back to soviet times and KGB).

One would be excused to think that Cory would support not giving people 5 years in prison and a $500000 fine for a first offense.

roses smell like poo poo

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