Law decriminalizing wife-beating and kid-smacking sails through Russian Duma

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“The message is: ‘Let’s not punish a person who at home beat up his family, just because he has the right to do that.’”

What could possibly go wrong…

[note sadly the sarcasm]


nothing, because…

We’re only talking about bruises, scratches, which is bad too, of course.

(Olga Batalina, co-author of the bill, in a parliament debate. I read this first in Die Zeit and stole this phrasing)


I’m shocked – shocked! – that this legislation passed in a country whose president feels compelled to demonstrate his machismo by going about shirtless.


Can’t happen here, I’m sure.


Did the Taliban win? Or am I missing something? Because the ultra conservatives around the world seem to be taking all us closer to growing beards, wearing black and accepting everything associated with the evils that they have supposedly been fighting against all these years.


I’m appalled.
This is in a country with a shortage of men, and a lot of women bringing children up without fathers. It would seem the Duma (=“thinkery”, there’s a cognitive dissonance) wants to encourage this trend.

Edit - the BBC says:
“First time offenders who cause less serious injuries could face fines or community service rather than prison, under the plans.”

I haven’t been able to find more information, and it isn’t even clear that the Bill has exited the Duma. At the moment it looks bad, and the person who brought it forward is a kind of female Trump, but it may not be quite as bad as the headline.


Dark fucking times we live in.


As long as it means wives can also inflict beatings on their husbands. . .

You have to go to sleep sometime, Kostya.


It does, but does that make it any better? Domestic violence is bad regardless of gender.
I’d like to think that the law was intended to get minor cases of domestic violence into counselling and intervention and keep them out of the criminal justice system for first non-serious offenders, which is one way of reading it. But then I looked at the record of the person who introduced it and I thought, no, it’s regressive in intent because she is.


No, it doesn’t of course, but let me have my gallows humor.


Since this made quite a splash in the news, someone did look into it.
Turns out, a very harsh law against domestic abuse was passed in 2016, but it had a number of problems, one of which was that physical violence against a relative led to harsher penalties than the same kind of violence committed by a stranger.

TL;DR, if you wanted to discipline your kid, it was better to let a stranger do the smacking - no mandatory jailtime for anyone that way.

Did the Taliban win?

Ironically, it is the zombie horde of Nazis rising from the permafrost to spiritually, finally, spectrally take Moscow. Rus=Volk? It’s the only horrifying explanation. Regular venal authoritarianism is just dumb.


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