Russian waitress rebuffs impudent client


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Awesome. And righteous.

I’m generally against violence, but if that’s what it takes to stop some rando from not only from reaching into your shirt, but also grabbing your ass, so be it.


We learn through pain.


She looks like she’s trained for that! Awesome.


She does! Her threat-neutralization is gracefully economical and efficient.


The only thing that was missing was one additional punch or kick on account of that horrible hoodie he was wearing.


I wonder if she’s a trained assassin, or if the guy is so drunk that it doesn’t take a lot for him to fall.

A little of column A, a little of column B I guess :smile:


Why are hoodies bad? Where is the threshold for deserving being beaten by the Fashion Police? Will the Fashion Police get away with beating an innocent?


Hoodies are great, -that- hoodie is horrid.

All fashion police are part of a decentralized ad hoc system of tyranny that means each division sets it’s own threshold.

Fashion police are likened to any other police force in that they believe if they are beating you then you are not innocent. Whether or not they get away with it is is determined by whether or not other observers adopt this outlook, same as any police.


This, this and this.


Is there anywhere in Russia that there aren’t dashboard cams?


It’s been said countless times but it is wrong, “violence is never the answer”! Yeah, sometimes it is! That kid was not going to be swayed by a speech about respecting women, but my guess is he won’t do that again.


Yeah, that’s a dumb saying, up there with “there are no stupid questions.” Violence is very often an answer. It may not be the right answer, but it’s an answer.


Do we know if the server/host/badass is okay? I hope she didn’t have any negative blowback as a result of her awesomeness.


Damn - wtf do they put a sheet of steel in their menus in Russia? That looked to pack quite a wallop.


Violence can be shorthand for many educational experiences.


Punch up, not down. :+1:


Well, the saying is implying that it’s never the right answer, not that it isn’t a possible answer.

Responding to the OP itself: yeah, fuck that guy. Abuse a woman, fully expect to get abused in return (though I disagree that he’ll have learned his lesson… I can almost assure you, based on guys like this that I’ve known in the past, that his takeaway from this is “God, that chick was such a stuck up bitch, wtf was her problem?” and not “I am an asshole, I should not do that any more.”


This is an appropriate use of violence.


It’s still an obviously untrue aphorism.

“What is an activity besides sex that might earn a movie an R rating?”