Jet passengers cooperate to tie-up drunken, disruptive jackass

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Maybe he just wanted to listen to sirens?

Let’s cheer a these people for beating up on a drunk. He didn’t hurt anyone but I suppose he deserved to be beaten.

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Agreed @dacree. I think Mark’s head-line is misleading. That’s playing pretty fast and loose with the definition of the term “cooperate”. It looked more like a stomp-down than a citizen’s arrest.

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Why, angry-mob violence can be perfectly cooperative. See how the “kick 'em while they’re down” citizen benefits from the actions of the “hold him down” parties.


I just hope something similar happens when Trump appears in the first GOP debate.


It’s hard to tell from the beginning of the video shown, but it looks like he was doing more than simply being loud and obnoxious. Once you’re off your feet and starting to physically intimidate people, it becomes a bit more of a fuzzy area as to whether or not a physical assault is justified. I thought from Mark’s description that he was just sitting in his seat being loud and obnoxious, but that does not appear to be the case here.


This is why Putin has his own plane.


According to news reports he repeatedly threatened and lunged at a female flight attendant and slapped another passenger. He also “walked down the aisle randomly pointing at strangers and telling them he’d kill them.”

But since you were on the flight and you know he “didn’t hurt anyone” can you tell us what actually happened?


Not being a reporter or someone attempting to share news stories on a public forum, I was forced to go with the story as presented and since no source links or indication of violence from this passenger was presented in your post, I reacted to the story as presented.

Since you seem to have more information than I, how about you share it so your readers might accept your story at face value.

I know, I get it. Why would someone read what you write and make a statement about what was written? It’s crazy right?


Fair enough. I added the additional details to my post. Thanks!


To be fair - from the closed captions of the video, it would appear that the Russian newscaster is indeed giving these details. As far as I can tell. Youtube’s closed captions struggle to keep up/translate at the same time.

Passengers, the real ones keeping everyone safe since 9-11, including on 9-11 using soon prohibited pocket knives.
Not TSA, not Homeland Security, not even the Army or Navy, freaking airplane passengers…
Passengers, the heroes of the war of keeping everyone terrorized.
We should have a day honoring airplane passengers.


Yes! Me too!!!

I especially hope Mr. Trump gives special attention to Scott Walker. Mr. Trump versus a bunch of preschoolers or perhaps a bunch of sickly kindergärtners would obviously be be an unfair fight. But Trump versus the other Rebuplican contenders - I think this would be a fair fight & we would get to see Mr. Trump’s often mentioned Kung Fu .

I hope Mr. Trump wipes the floor with Scott Walker and then the rest of them.


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Trump could just repeatedly shake his head back and forth from left to right, thus hair-whipping everyone within comb-over range.
Added bonus: he does so with an open mouth, creating the Trump Mouth Vortex that inexplicably draws fools closer.


I’m so confused how this discussion involved Trump.
My Experience: storms on the eastern seaboard. My flight from Key West to Ft. Lauderdale was delayed, but not until we “pulled away from the gate” (using airline lingo). After 25 minutes in a commuter jet, two rows of 14 passengers, the gentleman three rows back, start to talk loudly, bizarrely and moves about violently.
Agreed: to be contained in such a small space, facing the realization that you cannot get off the plane until the entire situation changes, the storm subsides, air traffic is magically restored, delayed flights are resumed, or we finally fly the 90 minutes to FLL Airport, sucks. Also, if a person has pre-exsiting psychological challenges, the situation is even more alarming.
Still, I and my fellow passengers looked around, and a quick, silent nod was given.
Should this knucklehead get up and cause a disturbance, we would gladly and readily “cooperate to tie-up drunken, disruptive jackass”.
Obviously, I say: Right On!
It is up to Each Of Us to ensure our Own Safety. Don’t let Assholes ruin your day…

Who doesn´t really?

Would you proceed to stomp on him several times once he was on the ground, as one of the guys in this video clearly did? There is subduing, and then there’s “going way the fuck overboard”.

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