Man calmly sips drink as brawl erupts around him


Well, someone had to have ordered the hit.


In Russia, Everywhere Improvs YOU


so did those two ladies in the back.
I guess they figured keep still, don’t draw attention.

He’s the lookout. Entire thing is probably the Vory.

Not staged at all.

That’s not a brawl it’s just Taco Tuesday!


The Trouble with Tribbles

It really isn’t. Try to realize your little corner of the world is not the standard for all human experience.


He has no fucks to give


Anyone know what the white arm bands signify? All I can find in my google searches are references to Russian military in Ukraine out of uniform yet being identified by white arm bands or circles.

Wow, you don’t make any assumptions about other people based on next to no information.


So you think it more likely that all the dozens of people in the cafe are in on the take and convincingly staged this entire scenario for some random unfathomable reason as a hoax, than it is that an actual attack might conceivably have happened for any number of reasons (but most likely involving Russia’s rampant organized crime) and been caught on camera?

We might both be making assumptions, but yours seem based in sheer incredulity bred from unfamiliarity and mere ignorance, whereas I have seen enough situations just like this to be quite comfortable in assuming it is perfectly genuine.

In the absence of any evidence suggesting this is fake, I have no reason to discount the evidence which suggests it is real. Mere incredulity does not suffice.


No, what I was thinking was that the people coming in the cafe had staged this, and that it was not a “brawl” as described in the BB post, but a staged event. I don’t know if the guy at the table was in on it, but clearly he was in no danger and the people who came in quickly left within 40 seconds and apparently carrying nothing and no one. Some people put up their fists, but the people who came in did not beat them up. One guy got pushed down, but even then the pusher had a hat but not something covering his face like the rest.

To me it looks a lot like a flash mob, regardless of where it is. My assertion that it’s fake is more about the crowd coming in with their faces covered than the people in the cafe. Could it be an everyday activity? Sure. But it’s just as likely a bunch of yahoos acting like yahoos. Barring evidence either way any of us can give our opinion.

Now, I could have written all the reasons for this, or I could leave a short note on a message board. Instead I left myself open.

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“Calmer than you are, Dude.”

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If you are going to die, the least you can do is finish your beer first.


Bottled water from the looks of it.

a regular Tony Curtis, he is.

“Man calmly sips drink as brawl erupts around him”

Disappointed. I thought someone had finally documented the life of me and my mates.


Well, here’s a russian news site’s article on the incident, horribly translated via Google.

A crowd of armed men beat clubbers Vichuga.

2014/11/17 17:22
A fight in a nightclub Vichuga

Vichuga 17 November. A group of armed men on Sunday night broke into one of the clubs in the city Vichuga in the Ivanovo region, beating his four guests. The attack was filmed by surveillance cameras installed inside the house.

About 35 masked men broke into the club “Sagittarius” Great Proletarian on about an hour of the night on November 16 at the same time they purposefully proceeded to the table at which sat five people. In the arsenal of the attackers were Makarov pistols, Kalashnikov rifles and batons, but the first in the course went fists. The fight, as the record was lightning, then masked men fled.

The bar staff were present in the facility at the time of the fight, called the police and private security outfits, but in hot pursuit detain anyone failed.

In the captions to videos posted on YouTube, the author notes that the police did manage to catch two suspects, but they were released, as “voted by riot police” and were carrying identity cards.

Federal Agency correspondent accidents ATS Vichuga reported that the attack is being checked, busy with major internal service Ivan Maslennikov. Currently addressed the issue of a criminal case.

It is known that after the incident in the emergency room for medical assistance requested by four men with minor injuries.