Roid rage melee at Australian restaurant


Do I get a refund on my souvlaki?

I saw that happen once in genteel Kent, England. A uniped male mocked and derided a crowd of out-of-town bikers who did what the two apparent instigators did in the vid. Then a wave of bar stools pounded them, and then they pounded them back.

Adrenaline is an amazing drug. When the dust settled no-one appeared injured.

Thing is - we all have it within us.

Ahhhh, stalactites. You always attract a classy crowd.

As a child I used to marvel at the fake stalactites on the ceiling, it was a much more innocent time,before it went 24 hours and became the faux-gangsta hangout it now is…


“Oy, Bruce. Ya lookin’ at mah SHEILA?!?!”
“Zat yer bird, Bruce?! I thought you brought yer GUIDE DOG in!”


Man, that’s almost some a perfectly executed physical comedy routine. It’s hilarious, and the way at the very end they just kind of stop and casually walk out, it’s just awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing. WWF-style chairs and everything.

Crap eh? We still eat there sometimes with our ten year old daughter. Can’t say I like the thought of her being present for this…

The “Do I get a refund on my souvlaki?” is what really makes it.


I’d like to make this incident about me thank you very much for arskin’.

Are we going to talk about the crazy Mickey Mouse pants that one dude is wearing?


Was this in one of batman’s villian’s lairs? I just wondered because of the Dutch camera angle, the poor costumes and the fake furniture.


With all the bickering about people shooting cell videos in portrait mode, this was carefully framed to piss off everyone.


Wrong accent, mate.

Prolly more like this:

OH man - I thought that was just me seeing that.

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It’s proof that Australia really is the land down under.

Relevant Onion:


I half expected everyone in the restaurant to start arbitrarily socking whoever they happened to be next to, like a saloon fight in an old Western.


Just a note, if you’re ever in a barroom brawl (or Greek restaurant brawl), the charges get a lot more serious when you pick up a chair (or table) and start smashing people with it.


The other muscle guy has some crazy pants on, too. If you look closely, at certain points it looks like the crazy pants have hoods or something hanging off the back, though to my eye it doesn’t look like enough material to reach their heads. It’s like they’re both wearing the bottom half of costumes, with maybe the rest stuffed in their pants.

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We used to go there in the mid 80’s when I was at uni, often after a chemistry pub crawl. It was the only place open really late and although it wasn’t licensed, you could ask for “greek tea” and get a can of beer in a paper bag.

Souvlaki and beer: what more could a student want?

Video removed.

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