Republican lawmaker "punched wife in the face" for not getting undressed fast enough when he wanted sex

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Oh, he “often” “just snapped” when drunk? I guess boys will be boys though right?



Sounds like he’s destined for great things in the GOP, maybe a posting in the current White House.

McLeod’s wife said her husband was drunk and “just snapped,” as he often does when under the influence of alcohol, the report said.

I hope she’s in a position to leave that abusive boozehound.


Can’t wait to hear what ‘equivalent’ the right wing media will come up with to show that “both sides do it”. Maybe some Democrat yells at his neighbor, or doesn’t leave enough money in the tip jar, or something like that.


At this point I think they wouldn’t even bother. This is what they think marriage should be so far as I can tell. I expect a straight-faced defense of spousal abuse with a dash of crispy Bible Bits.


Making domestic violence into political party/team issue seems pointless to me. It’s deplorable. Period.


Resign. Divorce. Rehab. Stat.


Whatcha wanna bet the “other woman” who lives in the house is a “sister wife”?


He should go to jail (he won’t). and this should automatically remove him from office (it won’t). so mad.


Only one party regularly sponsors the Christian sharia that says this is normal and okay.

“wives be sure to submit to your husband”.


“McLeod’s wife said her husband was drunk and “just snapped,” as he often does when under the influence of alcohol, the report said.”

Somehow this seems like it should matter in a lawmaker. Maybe I am mistaken, but it seems like it should.


Lack of moral fiber. Terrible affliction for a republican to have. Can only be remedied by accepting lobbyist handouts and loans on bad terms from banks run by hostile foreign powers.


Seems to me if your spouse is hesitant to have sex with you then punching her in the face is only going to make her more hesitant, as in ‘adamantly against.’


I wonder what the Venn diagram is for men voting to prevent women from having agency over their own bodies and men who abuse women is. My guess is it’s pretty close to a single circle.

Any form of spousal abuse should be newsworthy, but especially when the abuser is helping create laws that strip people of their rights. It feels like their goal is to make it safe for them to be their true selves, without recrimination.


Actually, as I think about it, this is totally in character for a party that does not see women as fully human, and essentially vehicles for reproduction and gratification. If he allowed his wife to act like she had agency, next thing you know she would be getting an abortion or running for office or something heretical like that, so yeah, makes perfect sense.


When your arbiter of morality is a book written by bronze age primitives, expect your moral reasoning to be primitive and arcane.


This. We shouldn’t delude ourselves into pretending that domestic abuse doesn’t happen in liberal households. But when it’s actually enshrined in a party’s platform, it’s just as destructive to ignore that fact under the auspices of “fairness” or any other largely discourse-based concern.


McLeod punched his wife and bloodied her nose…

He was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence…

Serious question: If this guy had bloodied a stranger’s nose, would that also be a likely misdemeanor, or would that be more serous? I have a guess but I’m no expert.


Yes. Only one duopoly party also regularly votes to de-fund government programmes focused on women’s health and well-being. Only one duopoly party also regularly portrays feminists as an enemy. Only one duopoly party allows candidates who deny the existence of marital rape to run under its banner.

Domestic violence is not limited to Republicans, but it’s ridiculous to claim that this politician’s party affiliation is beside the point.


I agree with you to an extent. If people think that no democratic lawmakers have hit their wives then they need a wake-up call. The headline could just as easily be that a Democrat lawmaker punched their wife after voting against an abortion ban.

The other side of that is that right now a lot of republican legislatures are voting to take away women’s rights to control their own bodies. The connection between that and being violent because you aren’t being given the sex you demanded fast enough is apparent. I don’t think these things are unconnected, and I think a violent abuser has much better future prospects in one party than the other.

Probably, yes. If it was one punch, and the injury was minor (bloody noses look bad but they usually aren’t a sign of a serious injury) then it’s considered a fairly minor crime. I don’t think domestic assault should be seen in the same light as a bar fight, since it’s probably part of a campaign of ongoing terror, as opposed to just a hurt that will be better tomorrow. But given the reality we live in I’m just glad a charge was laid.