In space no one can hear you snore: Alien facehugger CPAP mask


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Excellent job of showing everyone exactly what that CPAP mask feels like.


Single, I’m guessing…


Tail goes around the neck, bro. Attention to detail.



Very creative, but way too damn close for comfort.


I doubt many single people think to get a CPAP machine.


Just hollow out the tail for the hose and it will be near perfect.


Masks like the Phillips Dreamwear under the nose mask are much more open and less claustrophobic than older style oronasal masks that cover the mouth and nose.


I think I’d want something Darth Vader-ish.
You’d already have the sound effect, so why stop there.


Agreed. Thats what I use, and I still whine to myself nighty, refusing to grow up and accept this new reality, this alien device.


you mean I … that wasn’t real?!? I killed a person!? I feel, just uh. Huh you think that mask might help my sleep apnea?


That’s just what I was thinking about his dating prospects. Let’s hope that relationship status is Already Committed to a Sci-Fi Fan. :wink:


A plushie version as an eye mask for sleeping on a plane, you say?


Edit: with a bit of elegant design and engineering, the wrap-around legs and tail could double as neck support for sleeping upright in an airline chair.


he tried to do that, but the tail wasn’t flexible enough.

if my husband ever got one of these, i’d never get a wink of sleep ever again, no matter how quietly he slept. he better not get any ideas from this.


You get used to it. That’s the same mask I’ve been wearing for two years now (minus the facehugger). Uninterrupted deep sleep is so worth the minor inconvenience.


If you have sleep apnea and wake up gasping for breath you wouldn’t say that.




Am single. A CPAP saved my life