In this Tokyo club, people wear head-to-toe bodysuits to relieve stress


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Count to ten thousand!

That totally stressed me out.


most likely not relevant for a French zentai club, if I read Article 2 II correctly there’s an exception for festivities (“ou si elle s’inscrit dans le cadre […] de fêtes”)


Very…uh…interesting. So…what happens when someone you know discovers this about you? Now THAT would be stressful. My “true self” is pretty much out there anyway…alas.


Even those whose “true selfs” are on display most of the time can benefit. Witness Charlie:



Didn’t Neal Stephenson predict this one in ‘Diamond Age’?


It can be kind of terrifying for others though


By wearing skin-tight lycra outfits that conceal their identity, club members feel like have removed the behavioral costumes placed upon them by society.

Bodies already conceal people’s identity. It’s not as if any of the surface detail says anything about who people are or what they do. In essence, people are their ideas, and you can’t see their ideas.


Is anything worn under the zentai outfit?
No, everything is in perfect working order.


Reminds me totally of Jean Giraud’s (Moebius’) Edena series, depicting a dystopian world in which mankind has detached himself from nature even more than now. It’s creepy to watch some aspects of such a world unfold in reality in front of my own eyes.


According to Wikipedia, zentai outfits do not conform with the French ban on face covering, and "a fine of up to €150 is issued to those who wear them publicly in France

You’ll have to catch me first!

Also celebrating birthdays tonight, Valeria is 12.
Also celebrating birthdays tonight, Valeria is 12.

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