In this video, the beeps make you see something that isn't there


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Protip: Get some rest before you try this, I couldn’t count any of the flashes with or without sound!


I didn’t see any flashes either. Not especially tired. Maybe it doesn’t work on mobile?


I perceived at least two instances of this illusion being posted on BB!


I’m not overly concerned. The flashes were quick enough to engage after images on my retina. Why wouldn’t my brain use extra-vision clues to help it figure out what might be going on?


On my laptop it sort of works, though my brain detects something is fishy with the flashes.

On my big monitor it doesn’t work. I just see 2 flashes, beeps or no beeps.

interesting but not really surprising. I have seen more convincing versions of this effect when the sound matches the actual imagery. I.e. someone hammering, with hammering sounds, and the video/audio doctored to not match. Your brain mostly follows the audio.

I’m surprised they claim this is something new, I’d swear I saw the hammering movie 10ish years ago.


Déjà vu:
Déjà vu:
With this one, a total of three times in six days!


The second one wasn’t real.


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