See your own brain waves in this trippy optical illusion


I must be braindead beacuse I don’t see any flickering. Ah, that explains a lot…


I sometimes see a similar flickering when I close my eyes, especially if I’ve been rubbing them. I always assumed it was sort of the same thing as noise on the sensor of a digital camera, meaning my retina is just sending off random signals, but if we can in fact “see” our own alpha waves, I wonder if that’s what’s actually going on.

I see the flickering, I think I now know why I find the sound of a large V8 at idle so appealing.

It doesn’t move for me. However it does make me slightly nauseous when I look at it directly.

I can’t see magic eye photos either.

Me too. Does that mean I’m a zombie?

I see orange and dark blue abstract spirals but no pulsing.

| Optical illusions are usually pretty neat.

On the contrary, I find them annoying. Like CBT, meditation or lucid dreaming, I’m just not interested in these mind games when real life is so confusing already.

I see that when looking directly at it. Are you looking at it in your periphery as instructed?

I like how it looks like it’s flapping when you scroll up and down really quickly.

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If you are does that mean that you will see the brainwaves of the last brain you ate?


Ah, ok. I see it wobble now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ow. My alpha waves must be dangerous. The illustration was sort of throbbing irregularly in my peripheral vision and then I got a headache.

I wonder if it isn’t microsaccades, or other tiny movements influenced by, say, one’s heartbeat and/or breathing. At least the latter would be testable. Maybe the former too if there is a drug that will (temporarily) paralyze the extraocular muscles.
On the other hand, I can’t think of a reason why those would affect the afterimage also.

I notice it throb with my heart rate, which is usually 45-50 beats a minute at rest.

I too am apparently brain-dead.

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It gave me the ‘3DS headache’, like looking at 3D images. Must be messing with my focus.

For me at least it flickered much faster than my heart rate or breathing. Maybe at like 10fps.

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I figured I was broken

Me too. It’s like a strobe light. My brain is in a permanent rave state.