In U.S., 2,909 people die of COVID-19 in 24 hours, highest daily death toll in the U.S. yet

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Deadliest day comes as state officials reopen parts of economy and stay-at-home orders expire


This is fine.

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American exceptionalism at its finest!


We are fucking doomed.


I remember being shocked by 500 people dying per day in Italy as if it were only a month or two ago…


USA is going full #covidiot

it’s a 9/11 every single day but because there’s no collapsing towers shown over and over again on TV, no-one grasps how horrible it is and half the population resist changing behaviors in the slightest

everyone else going down, USA nope, we’re on an upswing


Weird how Trump keeps acting like this is all behind us, like people aren’t still dying. So many conservatives are doing the same thing, too. In fact, not only are they not acknowledging that things are getting worse, but they’re pretending fewer people have died than the official numbers (which are themselves an undercount).

So here we are, opening up the country even as we haven’t hit the peak. Life two weeks from now is going to be… “fun.” Time to make a (fully-geared-up) shopping run so you have at least minimal supplies for the next month or two…

Also, there’s no symbolic attack on the country by “ferners,” so plenty of conservatives are now perfectly fine with New Yorkers dying en masse.


At that rate, in the time it took me to type this response, another human being in America will have died from this virus. One death every thirty seconds or so.

Quite the hoax, I guess.


The nature of the virus means there will be no immediate effect of reopening businesses on number of cases/deaths. For the next 3 weeks we will be hearing a lot of “see, nothing bad happened when businesses opened” and watch as more restrictions are lifted because we were “killing the economy for nothing”. That some of the most populace areas (especially NY) aren’t reopening will keep the national numbers from going up steeply. Then there will be another couple weeks of denial after the clear uptick in deaths.

My birthday (and Trump’s unfortunately) is Flag Day in mid June. My bet is it won’t be until right about then that the second round of shutdowns start. By which point there will have been another month of spread and US deaths will be up to 150 thousand. What I’m really worried about is if by then enough republicans will have turned to complete defeatism and openly admit that things should be shutdown and a lot more will die if they don’t, but instead just say we tried closing down and it didn’t work so we’ll just accept the deaths.
Maybe we’ll do better. Either way its hard to see any scenario where things don’t get much worse before this is over


Yeah, too bad about those 2900 people, but at least Kim Jong-Un is okay.


Lol, mine too. I just mentioned it in another thread.


I hope it’s a better day than you’re predicting but I fear you may be right.


i came across this animated version

via popular mechanics.

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The site I look at doesn’t have the same numbers.

I guess it depends on when you start and end the “day”?


That’s different - Trump knows him. He is, by the standards of Trump’s sociopathic social world, “a friend.” (That is, he interacts with him, but those interactions aren’t zero-sum - he’s not a competitor or customer. And Kim isn’t family, either. Therefore he fits in the “friend” category.)

On the other hand, all those Americans who are dying are some schmoes Trump doesn’t (have to pretend to) care about. Or at least in his previous life as a businessman, he didn’t have to pretend to care about them to maintain his socially “normal” facade. Because he’s not just a sociopath but an idiot, he can’t figure out that, now that he’s president, he’s supposed to feign concern about sick and dying Americans he doesn’t know.


As a libertarian it seems likely that Jerry Pournelle would have gone full Crazy Eddie by opposing the lockdown.

This seems to be how they handle every problem, so I’m not surprised. They lie, deny, deflect, and distract repeatedly until people stop bringing up an issue or worse ones make headlines. Since they can count on their base to believe whatever they say rather than face reality, they have no reason to change strategy.


Right. I’ve been thinking for weeks now that epidemiology must be one of the most thankless branches of science to get into, matched maybe by climate science. If you’re able to do your job right, you avert disaster, but get accused of overreacting because it wasn’t as bad as predicted. If you aren’t allowed to do your job, it’s a disaster, you’re demoralized and depressed, and you get blamed for not doing enough.
Here in Maine I think the governor has been rather great lately, deferring to our state CDC, and it’s just insane to see the attacks against her.


For perspective, 2,977 victims died on 9/11.

To quote David St. Hubbins, “there’s too much fucking perspective now.”


Can we just say it’s 300 hundred only and erase these numbers as they did in China?
We will re-adjust them in 10 years or so. no worries.

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The thing about flattening the curve is that it’s not supposed to stay flat indefinitely.