In which I make Wil Wheaton read out Pi for four minutes


very special, wil doing a number station.

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I am beginning to think that Homeland is not so much a novel as a complicated (and successful) attempt to troll Wil Wheaton.

Edited to add: Of course, listening to this just makes me want to get the final version so I can hear how it ended up in the final take.


I more got the impression that this was the final take, but Mr. Wheaton knew it would be edited so he could take the long inhales and other little deviations, which I found interesting if true.

I like the think that the final take was a more dramatic reading. Don’t take that away from me.

Haven’t gotten to the Pi scene yet but your coffee scene couldn’t possibly be less of a time strain. I think you’re a coffee religious disciple. I’m a coffee addict and was doing all I could to keep from pulling out what little hair I’ve got left.

Got to say that Wil Wheaton is a superb reader. I was surprised by the sound of his voice (voices actually). Nothing like the kid in Star Trek. Reminded me a little of George Clooney. Bass and very slightly gravelly.

Nice when Wheaton appeared as a character. Got to find your posting on the out-takes on that.

What’s a worse crime is that you make people dependent on Audiobooks listen to 4mins of Will Wheaton reading Pi.

Don’t do that—it’s not funny.


Blind folks can still have a sense of humour, you know.
And a fast forward button, for that matter.


Thank you! Yes, listening to that made me want to drink coffee too – Wil and Gabrielle came into the studio the next day saying they’d been making cold brew!

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It’s been about a week since I listened to it, but I think this clip was made into the final version pretty much exactly how you said. Though some inhaling was kept in. Taking out all of the inhaling would have made it sound weird.

They could also have been much meaner to Wil. A few paragraphs later is this:

How about if your random-number generator gave you this number:


They don’t make him read every two, so I’ve been forced to, ahem, digitally remaster it.


He left out a three pretty early on. }:slight_smile:

Wil Wheaton just is trying to re-enact this scene from StarTrek TNG


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