Wil Wheaton reads chapter one of Homeland


I skipped ahead to hear a little and the first sentence I heard was about pouring water on the lino to make it slippery, except it was pronounced LYNN-O. I have never, ever heard it called that before. Hmm.

Whining about post topics is futile. Scroll on, my friends.

Ah, the silencing of dissent. It’s okay here, though. When done for the right reason. Or at least a reason.

The only allowable protest is not to comment…

It was just off-topic whining about the existence of the post. If you don’t like what’s posted, go and start a thread about that.


Is this another one of those banana threads?

Wil Wheaton is great - he’s the star of today’s Cinemadoku puzzle: http://bit.ly/1msKE3M

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