Incra Rule: a ruler with tiny holes to mark exact lengths

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In the UK, we get to have the honour of paying 360 quid for the knockoff. The real deal is priceless/unavailable.


In addition to the basic rulers, Incra also makes fantastic layout and measuring tools designed for carpentry - but I use them all the time in my jewelry studio. My favorite is an 3"x7" stainless “ruler” that has a very solid block of aluminum channel attached at one end, making for a small T-square. ( I use it for tracing lines and grids on raw materials and for lining up stock on my small milling machine. When not in use, it sits on my bench and I use the super-useful holes for setting my dividers precisely. They make a wide variety of these, and so far I love every one I’ve tried.


Every fraction? But there are aleph-null of them! The ruler must be fractal!


Can’t you just order from the US? I will send you five for £359.99!


Nah thanks. I think I’ll just go for the 20 quid non-knockoff from

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“Patent Pending!” I certainly hope this is one of those cases where that means, “We’ve filed a patent application but there is no chance in hell that it will actually be granted”. The markup on this thing has got to be 50,000% or something.

I found it quite infuriating back in the day that it seemed impossible to get a decent stencil for organic chemistry (featuring pentagons, hexagons, the cyclohexane chair, etc) for less than $20. At least there are 3D printers now.


Still the case. I’ve learned to make do without those on fucking principle. I do have a jigsaw though… problem is I have too many projects.

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I don’t actually have any need for those, but now I want them. Curses!


Nice, but there’s a special place in hell for users of decimal inches (and an even deeper one for decimal feet… I’m looking at you US Forest Service.)

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Sounds like something the hero gets threatened with in a Max Mad spinoff title


I’m guessing that you might have strong opinions about ISO 2848?

Unfortunately, decimal inches are still used a lot in electronics.

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I have a set of these. It’s a metric 150mm set with T-square, the corner ruler and normal ruler. I like 'em a lot. I think I bought them from an eBay seller that shipped to Europe (search for ‘incra metric’).

It’s very satisfying being able to mark things in sub-millimeter accuracy with repeatability. I’m a pretty shitty woodworker but still I feel these have helped me achieve better results when accuracy is needed. To me this is what these are about:

You can slide the T-square on the work piece and mark a long parallel line accurately and very easily. The T-square is the most used so I would start by purchasing that. I don’t think I’ve ever had a need in my small scale projects for the longer 300mm versions, so I would start with the shorter ones.


Am I the only one who keeps reading that as Inca Rule? I’ll admit I was a wee bit disappointed that I was not able to learn how the Inca measured things. Ah well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You cross the lines to multiply!


I’m a big fan of their cola…

The Incras are nice but for my everyday carry I go with the Starrett C404R-48. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and go with the C607R-48, especially if I’m doing some airframe or centrifuge machining. The only thing better than a ruler that goes to 64 is a ruler that goes to 100. I’m searching for good Kevlar scabbards tho.

I have them as well. Also the giant Incra table saw and router fences, and I have spent way too much at But they are such nice tools.

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