Incredible! Face of Christ in a spiral


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Pretty cool. I would do it with chalk, maybe, or graphite? Then do the engraving.


I did Anne Francis in a spiral. (We all worship different deities).


I would probably have to do it digitally, which takes much less skill. But I do have that arbitrary halftone thing pretty dialed in.


Christ, what a grayish spiral.


The closeup picture just looks like Elijah Wood, just too much like him


That might explain a few things.


if you put a needle on the copper plate and spin it counter-clockwise, it says " 'sfun to smoke marijuana"


It must be hard to get those Moire patterns manually. Incredible!


Legend has it Mellan engraved another one clockwise and it revealed the face of the antichrist.

He carried it to his grave in a long-forgotten Flemish prison yard so as not to deconsecrate any cemetery. The prison was reduced to rubble in WWI. The site lay abandoned until an IKEA was built there in the 1990s, later torn down after a series of reports of bleeding meatballs.


One ring to draw them all…


Man. That’s one helluva pareidolia.


Holy Moses!


Printers… they’re all crazy.


it’s all the solvent fumes


Just as long as he stays out my toast and pizza.


And off of my bicycle.


It’s a mirror coil !


It’s the acid.


…and my L…
…no, I can’t say it.