Anonymous Gods: The faces of deities captured, and blurred, by Google Street View




I feel dumb for never realizing this could happen.


What’s even more awesome is when things get blurred that aren’t even depictions of faces but just things that look vaguely face-like. Forget artificial intelligence – we have artificial pareidolia!


I for one would totally worship a blur faced conehead god like the first pic.


That’s amazing. Our flaws/ancient survival mechanism have been translated to digital. Look at it though, that cactus has murderous intent…




I’m glad to see that cactus finally won it’s lawsuit against google.


If you think about it, these deities have a pretty ironclad privacy policy. You are guaranteed that when you pray to them absolutely no one is listening.


Ummm, the hands are raised. What’s going on here?


Oh, gosh. Atheism! So edgy! You almost never see that on the internet.


I picked up this begooglekrypsy demigod in May.
<img src=“"alt="Jones the Singer”/>


There’s something wonderfully Lovecraftian about these faceless gods whose image must never be seen. As though if google slip up even once, millions of innocent tourists checking out their planned holiday destinations will have to roll a sanity check.


Doxxed! I totally recognize that one as the Buddha! Not sure about the others, can theology be crowdsourced?


There was a Hanuman (with the club).


The last one looks vaguely Greek, like one of those abstract virtues, Temperance or Chastity or whoever.


I for one am glad they decided to err on the side of more privacy than less.

I wonder if anyone has done a false positive rate / false negative rate(exposed faces of living people) calculation for some crude Bayesian accuracy calculations.


Google Enforces 3rd Commandment…

Is it legit to refer to commandments by number? Is the numeric order arbitrary?


I have a picture from a Halloween bonfire some years ago that iPhoto insists contains a face in the flames.


Even if you specify only the “Ten Commandments” as Christians understand the term, there are multiple groupings of the commandments in what they call the Old Testament, with some differences in the stated commandments as well as the ordering of those commandments.

Exodus 20:2-17
Exodus 34:12-26
Deuteronomy 5:6-21


Thanks for these links, that’s a cool resource. I get a funny little web developer kick when people find a way to mold the fundamentals of the web ever so subtly to reflect a specific purpose, like linking to specific verses.

It’s funny, I hadn’t really thought about how the commandments were presented, I think I subconsciously assumed they had been in some kind of appendix that was handed down from on high. I also didn’t know that the god of the bible self-identified as jealous so explicitly in multiple places.