"God" in woman's curly hair




She is wrong. Look, as clear as day it says GodS! Burn the polytheist prophetess!


The Christian deity is named “Yahweh”, not “God”. So clearly this isn’t his mark.

It’s more conceivable that this is the universe’s way of telling us this woman is, herself, a god.


Oh. My. Hair.


I see 600.



“Whoops, forgot to add my name to the gift.”



Well played, sir or madam!


I personally would hold out for an omnipotent deity with more pizzazz.


Christianity has only Greek AFAIK.
The Jewish/Hebrew bible appropriated by Christians as an addendum to their own bible and labled the old testament has one name of God(among several) being yud hey vav hey. It mixes the past present and future tenses of being into one word which doesn’t really follow the rules of Hebrew pronunciation. Religious Jews do not pronounce it and say Adonai instead.


I assure you, I’m quite familiar with the language of the New Testament, the Jewish practice of not speaking the name of Yahweh, Adonai, the Tetragram, and all that.

Jesus was a Jew. It doesn’t matter what the Greeks who wrote the Bible generations later used to refer to their deity, the Christian god is the Jewish God, and that’s Yahweh, even if they choose not to speak the name.


You are all wrong.
It definitely says the name of my personal diety, “JGoo8”


Tell me more about this JGoo8, that I might accept him/her/it? as my lord and saviour!


dang it! beat me to it. on the other hand, she is going to have some greasy greasy hair in a month or two.


Glitch, except for the small Yemenite Jewish tradition there is no W sound in Hebrew, the vav has either a V sound or an Oo or Oh sound when a vowel. The J sound many English translations use is also not present except again amongst the Yemenites, but from a modified hard G sounding gimel, to the soft J sound jimmel but not ever from the yud; both sounds probably imported over centuries from the neighboring Arabic.


I see GODO and I’m just waiting for the T to take shape right after that. Waiting. Get it?


Nonsense. It’s clearly JGoo83.

Either that, or it’s in Burmese.


You are all wrong! Follow Jood or perish in the flames of your wicked heresy!


So many noodley appendages. This person is truly blessed.