Incredible feat of parallel parking

Take as much space as you need.



That’s when I give up and go back home.

Bumpers on all three cars are toast.

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This guy does it in one smooth motion, with no bumper tapping.


I’ll have to re-read Bill Bryson’s “Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe”'s description of Italian parking. Both very accuare and one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.


At least, but the poor driver had to stop midway to drive out and do another back-in. It’s all about the initial back-in!

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This is how you park in a crowded city. It’s not even noteworthy. It won an award?


I’ve gotten into a spot with just about that much clearance - a couple of inches front and back. It’s awesome :-).

In my family we called it parking by braille.


this is still a massive dick move. What happens when the 2 drivers either side want to leave?

Eh–I am still the king. He needed to start with his car closer to the front car and he needed to turn his steering wheel to the left sooner.

If you drive a car, you’re part of the problem.

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That reminds me of January 2017, when a couple of plumbers, presumably after their shift was over, parked their box trucks in front of my house rather than at the bar where they went to drink. I had to shoehorn my Honda Fit into what little space was left, and the Fit is (on the outside at least) not a big car.

I saw a LOT of these last time I was in Boston. I had never seen them before. Maybe we’re too polite in Canada?

This being Paris, they nudge the cars ahead and behind by driving into them, making space so they can drive out.

The one in front can just drive out, and the one behind can drive out after going backwards and forwards a bunch of times.

You have to learn this sort of parking in the UK as well, although locally there’s just enough spaces, that I frequently get the choice between a two minute walk or two minutes trying to park. It comes down to if it’s raining, or I have a lot to carry.

Oh, and for the record, I share my car with a female friend, and she can park just as well as any man I’ve seen.

They git gud and Austin Powers their way out of there.

My dad used to do that like a pro at tight, Rockaway Beach parking spots when we were kids. When done, we’d yell, yaayyyy, Daddy!! He was always gleeful at the challenge.

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You use common sense and don’t leave the brake off if parking on a slope. And someone “rolling the cars away” intentionally would be pretty quickly noticed and arrested given the amount of people in the streets there.

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Says a fool who thinks that everyone lives in the range of public transport or walking/cycling to work.

Especially in Paris if you happen to live in some of the poorer suburbs, the only way to get to work is to take a car. There are no buses, no metro, no train and you are ~10-15km from where you work. Are you going to walk? Or bike, in a city that isn’t really built for biking, lacking cycle paths and with crazy traffic.

This is a huge problem and one of the reasons why the yellow vests movement has erupted last year. Making the car ownership and gas more expensive would hit the poorest people who can’t afford newer, more ecological cars and have no other way of getting around because the infrastructure doesn’t exist. Whether because they live in the poorer suburbs outside of the city center or because they live in the more rural regions.

So dropping these oversimplified and ignorant sound bites is only a sign you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Or do you think that the people who sit hours in traffic jams and pay through the nose for the ability to drive in Paris do so for fun?

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