Incredible giant chocolate geodes

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I have this saved on facebook to show the kiddo some times. We like to break open geodes and she like crystals and such. So I think we would both like to try it. But given they take a month to make, probably couldn’t afford it haahaa.


Sure does look pretty, but straight-up sugar rocks don’t strike me as particularly appetizing. Seems like the sort of thing that just gets quietly left on the plate at the end of the night after a suitable period of admiration.


I think that Willie Wonka would approve.


Candies, surely?

Yeah, beautiful, but you wouldn’t want to eat any of it. Which I suppose makes the whole endeavor kind of pointless on some level, but…

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Dies it come with insulin?


Freud would be proud.


Seems like a woman named abby was also involved. BoingBoing, you should be careful to credit female creators and partners as well.


Yeah, the big ones look like a display piece only, but I wonder if there’s a lower size limit. If you have hollow Easter chocolate eggs, this looks like an interesting thing to try with the leftovers. You could also try flavoring the sugar syrup that’s used to make the crystal interiors; at least it wouldn’t be just sugar-flavored. There would seem to be a lot of variables to control for: size of eggs, thickness of shell, saturation of syrup, heat of syrup when you pour it in (obviously not over the melting temperature of chocolate, natch), how long they have to sit to crystallize, what temperature to cure them at, etc.


I’ll take yours… Pure sugar and chocolate – my two ideal fuel sources. Work some coffee into there and I would be set.

Edit: now that I think of it, my wife got me some espresso filled chocolates that got lost in back of the fridge – by the time that I found them, the espresso had disappeared and the chocolates were now lined with coffee-flavored sugar crystals. Mmmmm


I wish I could like this twice just for the fact that you use the shadow as an icon, lol


I guess I lost my taste for pure sugar crystals as a young child. Encasing a big chunk of rock candy in a big chunk of chocolate doesn’t seem to have any sort of advantage over just eating some chocolate or rock candy, though. Chocolate with flavored candy is another thing altogether.

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“here’s how he did it”

Says the video…
Watches video…doesn’t show how he did it.


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