Incredible images of NASA spacecraft's arrival at asteroid this morning


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Bennu ought to have that thing that shows up on the southern hemisphere around 0:35 checked. It’s irregularly shaped – a warning sign for cancer.


“Mothership class hyperspace signature detected.”

Does anybody else thing of I think of HomeWorld’s Bentus, when ever they read or hear Bennu?


I think of The Phoenix. Starring Judson Scott as an ancient alien astronaut named Bennu.


Where are the craters? This looks like a flying gravel pit, at last…


Oh, make the memories stop. You just woke neurons that were close to forgetting that bit of memory.

Phoenix (1982)- Lets take In Search Of and combine it with Isis/The Secrets of Isis.

For those unfamiliar with the show, here’s the opening:

As opposed to and awesome show from 1985 that tried to pull on new-age crystal twinkie sensibilities and combine it with sci-fi and family orientated programming- OtherWorld (1985) .

But we digress from the topic of a real near autonomous spacecraft making a rondevu with spinning rock spinning around our solar system.


At least you don’t think of this, well now you do, you are welcome!


I call shenanigans. That’s clearly a slightly-used charcoal briquette left over after a NASA barbecue.


That video clip was clearly directed by a Kubrick using a GoPro!


Man, they missed an opportunity for a perfect sponsorship synergy.


It might be just that - a heap of rubble held together by very weak gravity. Hitting it with a rock just causes it to blow apart and gradually reassemble through mutual gravitation.


Needs a baobab tree


That’s no asteroid! It’s a space dice!




I think it looks like dried-out Wombat poop.

Giant radioactive Wombat mutants from outer space that glow in the dark, anyone?


The touch and go (TAG) sampler is really neat!


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