A video tour of the Bennu asteroid

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/17/a-video-tour-of-the-bennu-asteroid.html


I was curious about the ejection events. You can read about them here!


I wondered about that, too! I would guess that there aren’t any volcanoes on that rock. Thanks for sharing that article.

Looks like a successful tap & go. We should get results re: sample amount & pix late tonight or tomorrow (Oct. 21).
According to the NASA web site, this was equivalent of a large van landing in an area the size of 3 parking spaces surrounded by 2-3 story buildings, and doing it autonomously.
Great job!


two questions:
where is all the ice? I always thought comets were chock-a-block with ice.
second: where is Bruce Willis? I expect he stayed behind again?

To your first question, this is of an asteroid (per the title of the post), which is vastly different than a comet (which is, indeed, made mostly of ice).

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thank you for that all important clarification!

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