Incredibly detailed parody research paper explains Wolverine's regeneration ability


Five points to the House that can name one way to kill Wolverine using the d20 rules (noting that Wolverine is capable of regenerating fire and acid damage)


How do you kill an axolotl? I’d start there.

Sic a blue & white dragon on him simultaneously?

Thanks for providing me with this year’s christmas-card image BTW.


I would also question why very-real biochemists Sigrid Alvarez, Emma Conway, and Leonard Foster would choose to work with Scott Summers, of all people, rather than Henry P. McCoy, who, I would assume, has a much longer and more impressive CV.

It may be that Scott Summers was more willing to help them come up with regeneration testing procedures…

I have that wolverine statue. I thought it was the only one in existence.

Wish spell.

Also, can you resists his eyes?

This Healing Factor permitted the bonding of adamantium, an indestructible metal alloy, to his skeleton when he was subjected to the Weapon X program, giving him his signature claws.

To be clear, he had claws before adamantium was bonded to his skeleton. The adamantium made them more knife-like instead of round bone, so I suppose it could be argued that the adamantium claws are his signature claws.

Prismatic Orbital Weapons.

Mordenkainen’s Irreversible Wolverine Demise.

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five points for gryffindor!

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I forget, could you suffocate a Tarrasque?

the consensus is that it’s just plain immune to death, and anything that would have killed it via loop hole or otherwise would just make it unconscious and it get back up once it regenerates.

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