Wolverine ruined Hugh Jackman's voice

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That’s a shame; Jackman is the triple-threat.


It never occurred to me before now that Wolverine should logically have an amazing singing voice since his mutant healing factor would keep his vocal cords in pristine condition no matter how much time he spends screaming at people or puffing on cigars.

Maybe when the X-Men come to the MCU they can get their own in-universe musical just like Steve Rogers did.


Not just in universe anymore…


I will post this on the flimsiest of excuses, so you better believe it’s showing up in this comment thread.


With the amount of post-production superhero movies come with routinely, it’s a shame they couldn’t just turn up the gravel artificially.


I bet a big part of that is just natural aging too.

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I remember seeing an interview with Hugh Jackman on tv a few weeks before the first X-Men movie came out. They asked him about his musical theater work, and he burst into song - Pirates of Penzance, I think. I thought, there is no way this guy can play Wolverine, this X-Men movie is going to suck! I was very happy to be proved completely and utterly wrong.


I’m really unsure why being able to sing musical theater would mean that someone could not play a character like Wolverine? :thinking: Maybe you can expand on why you thought that, especially since many actors did musical theater at some point in their careers, even those who played “manly” roles?


Real Men Love Broadway!

And separately, from an interview with Nick Offerman in Men’s Health magazine (-1 for use of the term sissy, but everything else is good):
“I went to theatre school. I took two semesters of ballet. I’m the sissy in my family. I cry with pretty great regularity. It’s not entirely accurate to equate me with manliness. I stand for my principles and I work hard and I have good manners but machismo is a double-sided coin. A lot of people think it requires behavior that can quickly veer into misogyny and things I consider indecent. We’ve been sold this weird John Wayne mentality that fistfights and violence are vital to being a man. I’d rather hug than punch. Crying at something that moves you to joy or sadness is just as manly as chopping down a tree or punching out a bad guy. To answer your question, I recently saw Alicia Keys perform live. I’d never seen her before and the sheer golden, heavenly talent issuing from her and her singing instrument had both my wife and me in tears. What a gorgeous gift she has. Her voice is so great. And I had no shame [about crying] If you live your life openly with your emotions, that’s a more manly stance than burying them.”

When asked whether woodworking makes men more attractive to women:
“I would break it down and make it less gender-specific because half the woodworkers in my shop are really badass women. Sure, there’s an element of virility that goes along with that, but I think, much more importantly, when you figure out what it is that you love to do, when you engage in that activity you are then your most attractive self. That, I think, is much more alluring than any perfume or flashy haircut. I would argue that a woman seeing a man do the dishes or bake an incredible tray of scones is equally sexy.”

ETA: Apparently the sexiest thing I have ever done was make Chicken Piccata


If he was a really good Wolverine, he would just regenerate his vocal chords.


It’s probably from getting stabbed in the throat and such all those times, everything grows back, but you really have to finesse it to get it back in tune.

The guy I saw on the interview show with Australian accent and a big, goofy grin on his face the whole time who happily burst into song seemed to me the absolute antithesis of the character in the comics, a brooding, violent mutant with adamantium claws. I’m glad Hugh Jackman has such range as an actor. He’s perfect as Wolverine, and I also loved him in The Greatest Showman (though Les Mis is a little too depressing for my tastes). I wasn’t making any comment on traditional gender roles or the masculinity or lack thereof of musical theater or whatever.


… I believe “Jackman’s body changed significantly” is a reference to suspicions of steroid abuse :thinking:

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While not an expert by any means, I can only assume that for the later movies especially, there was significant quantities of highly androgenic steroids which would deepen voice over time.


Both, but I used androgenic because the ratio of anabolic (ie stimulating muscle growth) vs androgenic (stimulating masculine traits) varies between steroids.

He’s not Joe Rogan.


Oh, look, I just found some leaked script pages…on the internet…somewhere…

“I’m the Best There Is”
(Growl in B minor)

I’m the best there is at what I do
but what I do isn’t very nice
When it comes to men, I’ve slain a slew
A slash, a swipe, a stab, a slice

And as for lives I’ve lived a few
But none can say I’ve not paid a price
The loves of my life have suffered too
A threat, a fridge, a loved one on ice

My askew DNA gets me through
Grievous wounds should have ended me thrice
But I continue to do what I do
And what I do isn’t very nice