The script for an unmade X-Men Beast spin-off hits the net

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A moderator on Reddit commented it would have been for Nicholas Hoult, not Kelsey Grammer.

I read it. I’m not sorry it wasn’t produced. It at the very least needs work, but as it is there are characters who get lost (Mystique is only there to be an angry ex-girlfriend, the sheriff doesn’t exist for most of the movie), superpowers which don’t get used as well as they could be (telepathy is really difficult to write around) and the main character isn’t explored that much. Hank McCoy seems like a poor stand-in for The Hulk, which is the character Logan has fought with against the Wendigo multiple times in Marvel comics. Hank even fought against The Hulk (in Canada) in a comic after he first grew fur, which happened in a set of stories in which Hank had an animal side closer to what this script was trying for, as this episode of X-Plain the X-Men discusses.

I’m not complaining about changing Wendigo into a mutant. I’ve had a conversation with an indigenous Canadian who didn’t read superhero comics, and I think its understandable that they didn’t trust stories about it being written by white settlers in its supernatural incarnation. Keeping the cannibalism as a sign that Paul Cartier couldn’t control his mutation, though, is not a great use of the mutant metaphor.

Logan leering at Jean, who would still presumably be a teenager, is also a significantly worse interaction than they had in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Thinking about this some more, if Marvel Studios were to do something along these lines, instead of coming up with a “Mega-Beast” I think they would be more likely to use the Multiverse so they could just make use of Dark Beast. They just need to find an actor who they can get to act against himself as much as Benedict Cumberbatch does.

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