A World War Hulk movie is looking likely

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Everyone I know thought that using Banner/Hulk as a supporting character was a better move than trying to make it a standalone. Two solo Hulk films struggled to get traction, but the way the character was used in the first Avengers flick drew a lot of praise.


I’ve really enjoyed the MCU Hulk/Banner/Smart Hulk appearances. Mark Ruffalo’s take on the dual roll has been nicely human and grounded.


If they show a Red Hulk, I hope they solve the mystery of the mustache.


But… One of the Illuminati that sent the Hulk away was Tony Stark. Who happens to be dead in this continuity. So… Who are going to send him away? Dr. Strange did not wish to be part of this, so he’s out. T’Challa is also… Not present…
Namor just got introduced into the MCU, as was Reed Richards. Leaving only… Professor Xavier? Who died in ‘that other’ continuity…

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This is getting confusing.


I think it’s very interesting that by the time the Secret Wars movie comes around, Marvel will have introduced almost all of the characters involved in the original 80’s comic. The FF and Doom are coming, X-Men might be introduced here, we’re still missing the Enchantress (Lena Heady please) and Molecule Man, and down an Iron Man. “And Galactus remains a … potential problem.”


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