Incredibly detailed technical guide to camgirling is a mix of advanced retail psychology and advice on performing emotional labor


Reminds me of the horribly boring movie that could’ve been so much better, The Girlfriend Experience.


God my gender is embarrassing sometimes. Sigh.


Did… did someone just use the term “emotional labor” in a manner consistent with its coinage? I never thought I’d see the day.


It’s originally a casino term. Though, I actually am less critical of casinos than freemium games. At least you have the chance of winning money at a casino.

Also, people have “drawn lots” for millenia, and the harm-reductionist in me thinks it’s better than the sorts who will do so no matter what get bad credit, not their legs broken as it was when the mob controlled gambling.


That does look awful. I usually like Soderbergh’s movies, but I think I’ll skip that one.


Should be fitting for the therapist/counselor part of the job, as well as having to play the character/role regardless of how you feel.

Also from the article:

If you’re going to be a top girl, you aren’t going to get by selling yourself on being porny and hot. Emotional connection is a huuuge part of high pay, and by dressing in traditional slut clothes you’re signaling that you’re only here to make them feel less lonely in the penis, not in the heart.

People like being around optimistic, playful, vivid personalities, so, generally speaking, the more upbeat you can be, the better. Think manic pixie dream girl direction – your role is the stock female character who is sparkly and takes the man out of his dreary, lonely life.


Great - I got the “how to” of camming.

Now how do I create a market for a naked 40 year old man with a nerd bod and a slightly deformed appendage? ETA. My leg. I’m talking about my leg, you sickos.


Apparently it’s all about the lighting. You should try low lighting for a more subdued effect. Very low lighting. Like this…



But don’t assume those devices are actually causing deep neurological (pleasure) pathways to light up. It is, after all, a performance. I should imagine the majority of performers simply have to smile and put up with a wobbly (?) thing in their insides.

Like all porn, it’s a show. And sadly for these people, the show must go on, with a smile.

I have wondered why they start, and who actually gets the money. I can easily imagine them being pushed into it.


Interesting maybe I’ve always heard it mischaracterized?


See now that’s closer to the use I’m familiar with but maybe closer to the way it’s used in relation to this article.


Holy shit, you’re like the next Stanley Kubrick.


I think the usage in the article is an extension of the more expected context; the camgirls are expected to hide their real feelings (the one who recommends getting black out drunk, for example), so that their male patrons are only exposed to positive emotions, just like women IRL are expected present a cheerful face for passersby.


Author of the original article, here

Yes, camgirls are expected to hide their real feelings. That’s what they’re getting paid for. If the exchange is consensual with both parties, then I don’t see the issue.
The ‘cheerful face for passerby’ seems to be a different category, because the passing women aren’t getting paid for it.


So more truly performative, in the theatrical sense, then. As in; actors are paid to portray certain emotions on stage/in movies/television.



I can’t decide if I’m more put off by the men who buy into this stuff, or the women who knowingly exploit them.

I mean that honestly, I can’t decide. I’ve been going back and forth on it for a few minutes now.


Well, as long as we know that we should blame women… /s


Why so preoccupied with something so beneath you? /s

Dontchaknow, sex workers = evil sluts? /s


I know, right… those innocent men, being tricked by those sluts into sexy times via webcam! They should be ashamed, tricking those hard working innocent men out of their hard earned dollars… /s



LOL. Guess they should get mad at pretty much all of anyone selling stuff, as they will do things to get you to buy a little more.

Ever buy a light bulb for your car at an auto store? They try to up sell you a packet of grease for it. About as shady as blinker fluid.