Malware authors have figured out how to get Google to do "irreversible takedowns" of the sites they compete with

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Of course it involves section 1201 of the DMCA. Is there any nasty end to which that section cannot be abused?

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take the one part of the torrentfreak article the author clearly indicates as speculative guess, and clearly states is specifically for just 3 sites out of the 1000s cases … writes an article stating that as fact and the main driving force behind this trend. doesn’t even mention that in those three sites cases the payload is a crypto-currency mining scam, because malware sounds so much more malicious and scary.


Also, the sites in mention DO distribute copyright circumvention technology, so the request is actually legit and under the right section, a 512 would also be valid for a different reason the games themselves, not the bits that circumvent their protection. in these case both are valid requests. Many of the pirated games on these sites DO include copyright circumvention loaders and utilities with each game download which is how the cracked versions are able to work.

Is anyone surprised that game pirates sites discovered a way to snipe each other and are doing it? nope.
this isn’t a malware distribution scene, it is a shady pirated games website scene.

Does anyone else just skip Google’s actual search results and just look at the list of infringing URLs?

Well I’m shocked … that Scientology hasn’t tried this one yet. Usually they’re in the forefront of this kind of abuse.


ssssshhhhhhhhhhh :shushing_face: no giving them any more ideas!

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