Incredibly fast calculator fingers in Japan


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I know an accountant who is about that fast with his.


Thta beeats my onne incorrevt keysstrkee pr secundd.



I’m the operator
With my pocket calculator


My mom used to be able to do 10-key that fast, from many many years doing bookkeeping and payroll. I don’t know if she is still that fast, since she retired, but it’s super impressive to see that kind of speed, with accuracy.


Me too. My mom was a bookkeeper and her 10-key skills were just this fast – at least through my kid-eyes.


When we shopped at Aldi’s 25 years ago the cashiers didn’t have UPC scanners and they were about that fast on the keys of their mechanical registers. Oh, and they had memorized the prices of every item offered for sale in the store.

On one of my last cashiering jobs they stopped using price tags but didn’t provide any way to scan in the bar codes, so we had to manually key in the multi-digit UPC numbers instead of a simple 2 or 3-digit price. I got out of that place and got the boss of my part-time, side job to let me go full-time there when that happened.


Every time she adds them all up she gets a different number though.


Unfortunaly, they’re banned from all international tickling competitions.


Did this in my first post-college job in the mid-70s. But I did it lefty so I could write down results with my right hand as I needed them. (typically 5-20 entries before I needed a result.) Never that fast though. Years later, I got frustrated with standard computer keyboards with the 10-key on the right. I found a 3-part component keyboard: split down the middle (similar to current ergo designs) with the 10-key completely separate so I could place it on the left.

Assuming the accuracy is 100%, their speed is impressive.



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