Incredibly Interesting Authors 003: Paleo Manifesto author John Durant


The wisdom of thousands of generations of people who rarely lived past the age of twenty, Brilliant idea.


Nothing to see here folks, move along! Prezombie’s incisive wit and impeccable logic have won the day!

But not as witty as “hunter gatherer dot com”.


I don’t know how this whole paleo thing got so big.

  1. We don’t know a lot of the details and a lot of the crap in the books is conjecture.

  2. Like many things, it romanticized the past. I wouldn’t want to ever live in the shit world that it was back then.


I think that 99%+ of the effect is the combination of ingroup elitism with the simple removal of heavy starches from the diet. Now, removing the starches doesn’t do much except force one to avoid a whole lot of empty calories which are all too easy to come across. Eating 1000 calories of just bacon is actually rather unpleasant, while eating 1000 calories of white pasta is easier than you might think.

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Nowwww…as with so many other statistics-turned-truisms, that one is also false. Sure, you had a much greater risk of not making it TO 20, but if you did, your life expectancy was actually pretty darned good!

Not into this Paleo crap at all. It’s like that Blood Type nonsense. Somebody capping on pseudoscience for fun and personal profit, lots of other herd mentalities hopping on the clown bus.

I do actually like the concept of studying what is most natively advantageous to humans. After all, we developed in just such climes, or we wouldn’t be here to argue about it today. We don’t keep goats in the basement, monkeys in zoos, or snakes on planes. Uhhhh, mostly. Anyway, we take out hints from how other species do in their native habitats. And those ideas as they relate to humans could tell us a lot about where we’re blowing it today…buttttt, you’d have to really study it, right? Not infomercial pretend stuff.

The Human Diaspora apparently took people to live in climates and under conditions that I would personally still find intolerable. (IMHO, YMMV.) But if, as some study shows, our ancestors were indeed swimming apes living on a coast? Hey now! Everything we like to believe about idyllic times on a tropical beach? Yummay. Natcheral. Permanent vacay. Fish, fruit, easy good times. And we like it, because…why wouldn’t we?

So, you can celebrate all our ‘brave’ and ‘adaptable’ and ‘adventurous’ qualities all you like. But I’m still gonna see those as excuses for most of the truly epic dumb stuff talking monkeys do, rather than things we should hand out trophies for. The really important thing is, would that beautifully-tanned example of a paradise-dwelling being still go for Nutella? And I think we all know the answer to that!

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Everyone: start bombarding Mark with some incredibly interesting authors * - like ones who are more than just white dudes who wrote a book. Heavy on the “Incredibly” and “Interesting” parts, please.

  • Remember that time when he included Scott Adams in this category ? Now that turkey is here, posting columns about himself ! (shakes head in confusion and shame).
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Illegitimi non carborundum, Mark! I’d run barefoot to a pig roast with you and John.


Thanks Mark! Haven’t delved into this podcast yet but will certainly do so now. Ever since you did that Gweek Episode on bulletproof coffee ( I just call it butter coffee) I started following that path and lost weight, feel better, and can run faster than I could 20 years ago.

I don’t know why the snarkers have their panties in a bunch. I guess snarkers gotta snark.

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Sez you.


The paleo thing isn’t an historical re-enactment.

Yeah, about that diet:

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You know what would be great? A more responsible BoingBoing promoting nutritional/exercise advice from people who have actually studied nutrition and/or exercise rather than sketchy Kevin Trudeau-esque ‘entrepreneurs’ with no training in the field in which they are offering advice.

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