Neanderthal dental DNA shows us the true paleo diet (we've got it a bit wrong)


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Oh please tell me it was all GMO-derived tofu, HFCS and loaves of glutenous, glutenous bread…


Next you’ll tell me that there is no evidence of Crossfit training. This is unacceptable.


the hell you say


I don’t think Neanderthals were around during the Paleolithic era.


Homo sapiens have at most a few percent neanderthal DNA in our genetic makeup. Does what they ate have any bearing on our diets?


So you can’t conclusively prove they DIDN’T use organic coconut oil to cook their wooly rhinoceros and tree bark!


I’m pretty sure that the paleo diet mostly consisted of “whatever edible things people were able to get their hands on.”


Including, when times are rough “long pig”.


I would love to add woolly rhinoceros to my diet!


DNA analysis certainly supports that theory.


I think Tom handled this well right here on BB


If the diet was so great, why are they extinct? Hmmmm?

Take that, smarty pants…

A juicer that won't make juice unless the produce is marked with special code [Updated]

You are what you eat. :slight_smile:


So basically, what I can forage in the back of the fridge is a paleo diet?


Headlines like

Possible Genetic Proof That Cannibalism Was Disturbingly Common in Our Past

don't really bother me. I'm more concerned about ones like

Economic Forecast Predicts That Cannibalism Will be Disturbingly Common in Our Future


Yes, and life expectancy was around 30 years, and everyone had every kind of parasite all the time. Idyllic times, and an excellent pattern to apply to modern living.


Don’t forget to supplement it with whatever you can find in the back of your yard.


Are you kidding? Have you seen the Paleo Diet sales figures?


So is it wrong to think ahead and start eating people now? Just wondering. [whistling suspiciously]