Indescribable King of the Hill creepywave remix video

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Holy fuck’onoly!


Coulda been worse, coulda been clowns.


KotH is prime material for really entertaining youtube poop. YTP was more common like 5 years ago and i kind of miss it being a more regular thing, though i’m sure there’s still a few people churning it out. Keep being weird Youtube.


Love the .jpg compression vid!

My kids talk about YouTube poops and they are in high school, so maybe not the massive black hole eyeballs it may once have been, it still is a thing. Anecdotally yours, E

Sadly it was killed off because you can’t make it big on youtube with short content anymore. If you wonder why all those listeos (? vidlists?) stretch things out so far, it’s because youtube basically doesn’t care if your video isn’t 10 minutes long. It killed YTPs and indie animation on youtube pretty much, any short form content.

That’s pretty much why Vine failed, I would reckon. (Which is sad, because without Vine I would never have discovered King Bach.)

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