Indian trying out optical illusion speed bumps


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as I posted back in 2008.

Some things just need repeating, apparently.





Once people stop reacting, it’s time to paint similar designs on real speed bumps. Oops! Sorry! Was that your suspension?


What you need, in addition to this, is a large, heavy duty rubber mat with actual raised blocks, that looks just like the painted speed bumps. You periodically place the rubber speed bump over randomly selected painted bumps.


Some things need repeating, apparently.


You’re cooking with GAS!


It seems like these would work really well…once.

When the summary says “presumably because drivers fly over them, often on purpose”…what exactly are we supposed to make of that?

I’m going to be a little ignorant here, but why would someone purposefully fly over a speedbump, to the point of accidental death? Is this some form or rebellion, an idiosyncrasy of traffic in India, or what?


Many years ago I recall a study that showed that there were two ways to handle speed bumps: go slower than about 5 miles per hour, or go faster than about 45 miles per hour. Apparently most car suspensions will absorb the shock if you’re going fast enough!



Checks out, based on my experience. Gotta be careful at higher speeds if you don’t quite have the ground clearance, but yeah. Sometimes slowing down makes it worse.

You drive anything too low slung, well. Let’s just say you should stick to the main roads.


Much more exciting when you’re transporting gelignite for wages.



I’m afraid I’m old school.


I was going to say, cast iron blocks painted an identical colour scheme, that bolt down into the road surface.


Widespread belief in reincarnation coupled with shitty living conditions?


Lighter roadway composite too. Because cooler bike lanes and some shrub to sop up particulates please.


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