Indian workers staged one of the largest strikes in human history and no one in the USA noticed


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Because no one we know or care about lives in India.


Trump didn’t say anything there, and Hillary didn’t send (and is not rumored to have sent) emails there. Plus no white men shot groups of other white people, and no cops shot no anybody.

It’s like other countries don’t understand news at all!


We don’t care what happens in other countries in general. noticing is the exception, not the rule.


Excuse me…my two primary teammates work in India. I noticed. I knew a week ago this was happening.

My company sent a mass communication out to on shore associates regarding the staged strike. So…“no one” is not accurate or true.


(puts on tin foil hat) news of large scale strikes might give people ideas.


Look, Americans don’t want to waste a perfectly good three day weekend reflecting on something as irrelevant to our modern society as “organized labor.”


no one in the USA noticed

I noticed.


Some countries do spell it “Labour Day” but they aren’t celebrated at the same time. You’re specifically referring to the American federal holiday, which is clearly, unambiguously spelled “Labor Day” regardless of your country of origin.

(Now where do I get my pedant pendant?)


Me too, but I’m one of those weirdoes who watches the news instead of reality TV.


My kind’a weirdo.


No pedant pendant for you. Canadian Labour Day is the same weekend as the American one.


Good point, but he did specifically refer to US news networks and whether anyone in the USA noticed, so it’s not a stretch to assume he was referring to the American holiday.


Actually, we farm out some typesetting work to India. I wonder if that is why a ball was dropped earlier this week.


I follow multiple socialist groups on Facebook and some of them mentioned it.

Also, does every news story have to include the “…and nobody is talking about it!” claim? Between this and the Dakota Access Pipeline news, it seems like this is the new clickbait.


It’s useful to point out when major news media is avoiding certain stories. Prior to the violence last weekend, I had done a search on the Dakota Pipeline story and noticed that ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX hadn’t done a single story about it, though hundreds of protestors had already been there for a month. Once the violence began, the old “if it bleeds it leads” theory kicked in and everyone rushed to get there. For me, it’s just another reminder of our corporate, ratings obsessed and risk averse media which glorifies sensationalism over routine reporting and accuracy.


It does give me an idea…

Lunch break to get Chinese buffet.


This is very true, though the title’s still clickbait. The US mainstream media not discussing an event isn’t the same thing as nobody in the USA noticing it.


Not really surprised. I’ve got family in Latin America and there’s been many times that mass demonstrations and similar big news go uncovered and passingly mentioned by US outlets. Also used to seeing the media here curiously question why people in Venezuela are protesting and it makes me facepalm every time.
Granted i heard nothing about this strike, but then again i could also say for shame for not bringing this up sooner BoingBoing. So there’s that.


I remember a strike once, back in the 80s.