Thousands of Oklahoma teachers, inspired by West Virginia, are planning a walkout


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Labor Omnia Vincit

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Hell, we should have a nation-wide strike to support ALL teachers. They’re always getting shafted.


It would be nice if boing boing stopped using IWW iconography for everything remotely union related with zero explanation where it came from.
I noticed you used the sabo cat logo with the IWW lettering/slogans removed.
I am pointing at you Mr Doctorow.
The us government used WW1 as an excuse to almost completely purge the IWW and it’s direct action philosophy from the history books so a nod to the IWW iconography you carelessly throw about would be nice.
Sincerely, an actual dues paying IWW member


It’s important to keep teaches out of unions and at low wages so that they remain obedient.


Bravo. We can only hope that we are coming to the end of a cycle of magical thinking. Public employees do valuable and necessary work. They must be paid adequately for that work. Organize! Fight the idiocracy.


Hey, thanks for the history lesson - I’ve always liked the “sabo-tabby” and never knew the origin before.


Slightly off topic, but… logistically, are all those OK teachers trying to take the same day off to take part time jobs, or do they stagger?


I’m concerned that a few states are on palliative care right now and rather than figuring out how to fix things they need to figure out a rise-from-the-ashes plan.


Pish posh! If you really love your children you simply don’t send them to public school, darling.


Oklahoma pays teachers so badly that it has a chronic shortage of applicants for open jobs, meaning it will struggle to hire scabs to counter the strike.

Looks like the racist teacher from Florida may not be out of a job if she’s willing to move.


They keep thinking up laws to take away workers’ rights and further weaken unions, but they never read their damn history. Those laws weren’t written to protect unions. They protect management from random, unpredictable strikes with ever-changing demands.

Careful what you wish for, Republicans.


Thanks for the link – the IWW’s time may be coming around again, if public worker unions can’t or won’t listen to their members.


Yeah, well I’m pointing a banana at you!

And you can’t point back because I’m hiding!


Assault and bannanaery first degree.


Indeed. Look at how well that’s working in West Virginia.


If only they had paid more attention in scho…wait a minute!


Hey Oklahoma, how are all those republican tax cuts working for you? You cut the top income bracket tax rates down to 5% and now you are feeling the results of your trickle down theory aren’t you? That $1.022 B loss in tax revenue never really seemed to create all those jobs you predicted but it sure did make some wealthy people a whole lot wealthier but that was the plan all along now wasn’t it?


Having lived in Oklahoma I can say that by and large they don’t see this as a “tax cuts are hurting us” but spin it out as " god dammed libtard teachers unions are screwing us".
When I lived there nobody could see that the tax cuts and other psudo libertarian nonsense they kept voting for only helped the Nichols Hill set


Consider joining even if you don’t require representation or are already represented by a traditional afl-cio union. Afaik the only people ineligible are bosses