Thousands of Oklahoma teachers, inspired by West Virginia, are planning a walkout

It would be on a district by district basis.

Most of the districts that have made this choice are small, rural or semi-rural districts. The map in the article linked below is about a year old, but it will give you an idea.


So is the name sabo-cat from sabot (French for shoe) like sabotage?

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I think the test for obtaining an alternative teaching certificate in Oklahoma these days amounts to

  1. Do you have a pulse?
  2. Are you at least 21 years of age?
  3. Are you a registered sex offender?

If you answer “yes” to the first two questions and “no” to the last, you’ve got a job. Albeit, possibly only four days a week…


And also the public from violence. There used to be riots. Scabs were brought in wearing hoods so that they couldn’t be identified because people would burn their houses down. Do people want union members to be having literal wars with the cops where the cops lose because the unions outnumber then 10 to one?

Of course all that is a bit of a sub-question of the larger question about the Republicans, which is, “Are they trying to save the economy via a boom in guillotine manufacturing?”


Although sabotage in most cases meant work slowdowns or stoppages.
I’m sure there was many a wobbly that threw a sabo into the works though


Sometimes (as in the pinkerton strike breaking days) it was the only way to get actual things done.
There is a huuuuuge power difference between the bosses (who can call in the violence of the state) and workers who have only themselves to rely on.
The “we’re worried about retaliation” was only one side of the story (and of course it’s the bosses side) many times there was violence against the strikers sanctioned by the state and perpetrated by the cops or the bosses stooges or even craven scabs.the crime committed was usually costing the boss money by striking.
Scabs should have to worry IMHO.
There’s only two things that would instantly make me disown a family member
Child molestation is one, scabbing is the other.
Which side are you on?

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I’m firmly on the union side.

I was agreeing with a post that was about how people who are against unions need to learn some history of how our current rights came to be. They weren’t granted politely.

I just wish I could explain to people who have lots of power that “No justice, no peace” isn’t a campaign slogan or a threat, it’s an immutable relationship. The wealthy, because they have the most, have the most to lose by destabilizing society, and it blows my mind that they are too stupid to figure that out.


It’s in the evening after dark
that the blackleg miner creeps to work
with his moleskin pants and dirty shirt
there goes the blackleg miner

Well he takes his tools and down he goes
to hew the coal that lies below
there’s not a woman in this town row
will look at the blackleg miner

Oh, Delaville is a terrible place
they rub wet clay in the blackleg’s face
and around the heaps they run a foot race
to catch the blackleg miner

Dinnit gang near the Seghill mine
across the way they’ll stretch a line
to catch the throat and break the spine
of the dirty blackleg miner

They’ll grab his duds and pick as well
and hurl them down the pit of hell
“Down ye go, fare ye well
ye dirty blackleg miner!”

So join the union while you may
don’t wait till your dying day
for that may not be far away
you dirty blackleg miner

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Totally sorry I completely read that another way.


I am reminded of “The Devil’s Miner”


I’d have to check, being in ‘middle management’, to see if I qualified. I am already a union member.

You also can’t be employed as police, security, or an officer in a political party.

This is particularly important given that there are wobs in the ground in WV doing the work.


I think it’s hubris, mostly. When you believe in your bones that your money will solve any problem you face, you tend to ignore that which can not be purchased.


CurrentIWWConstitution.pdf (327.3 KB)

I think I need clarification from an actual local IWW rep; although I receive ‘wages’, I am actually salaried, as are many of my cow-orkers, even the entry level ones.

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