Indiana man trapped in truck for 6 days describes the nightmare (video)

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Truly scary. I knew someone on my senior year of HS who had told me a story of this nature, though not quite as intense. We lived in a somewhat remote little town out in the middle of nowhere, and he was an avid 4-wheeler and did the occasional amateur race. He took his favorite racing ATV (it was crazy fast and plays into the story), he’s zooming around a trail he used for practice and launched his ATV over a section of road that had recently been washed out by a flash flood, all Starsky & Hutch style, landed hard and broke both his legs.

Since he was in a remote area his cell service wasn’t good so he crawled and pulled himself to a berm by the road and tried waving the odd car that would speed by the mostly quiet road. Coincidentally a close friend saw him trying to wave him down and the friend thought he was just waving hi at him, waved back and kept going. At some point someone finally stopped and helped him, thankfully he wasn’t out there longer than half a day.


Beyond his physical injuries I hope he recovers completely from the experience. That stretch of time had to have been a deep stare into the pits of hell


Hopefully, the resilience that gets people through this type of situation helps them to recover in the aftermath. I’m always amazed at how some people survived with very little water in similar cases:

This one in particular stuck in my mind because the driver had to find help herself:


I’d like to put this in perspective for people.

I drove by the spot twice today, as did literally tens of thousands of vehicles.

This is not a remote spot. It’s a major interstate, with between 4 and 7 lanes in each direction, just east of Chicago.

The fact that someone could careen off the road and end up under a bridge like that and no one noticed is astonishing.

The fact that he was actually found (by fishermen) while still alive is beyond that. Who fishes under a massive highway? But there are so many little rivers in NW Indiana, feeding into the Lake Michigan, that roads go over them all over the place. Fisherman know that.

This is like someone crashing in Times Square, somehow ending up under the sidewalk. And then being found.


It’s making me wonder about adding a device that makes noise to my car emergency kit. There was another case where the crash survivor could hear people passing nearby, but no one could hear her. That frustration has to make a terrible situation even worse. :cry:


An emergency whistle of some sort is a very good idea to have in your car, yes.


But you have to be able to reach it. He couldn’t even reach his phone.


Good point. Maybe some kind of “screamer” safety alarm on a keychain would work. My keys are always in my pocket.

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You could have that whistle on the keychain, too. Or on a lanyard around your neck.

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Having a whistle on a keychain would be good. If there was one that was fairly compact in size that’d make it a no brainer to keep on your person at all times.


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