Indoor fireworks display shows how quickly fires get out of hand

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Idiots starting them or not (the word “idiot” in the video’s title is an understatement), these fires really can spread quickly with decor like the one you see here. As a child, I read about the horrific Cocoanut Grove fire in a book about famous disasters and never forgot it.


Looks like a bottle of water to me.

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well, it certainly was a memorable wedding reception. this is how gender reveal announcement one-upmanship probably started. “top THAT for your wedding, Julia!”

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I was going to post the exact same event. Starts almost the same way - frond-like paper that acts like kindling. The big difference is there were no safety codes back then for quick egress. Freaking horrifying.

There are several horrible fires on this channel. Such as this one:

Youtube link:


There was one blast visible from an extinguisher, but it may have already been too far gone at that point.

I kept expecting the sprinkler system to kick off. No such system though, eh?


Same here; I was waiting for it to go off, but it never did.

The Darwin Award Committee would be grateful for the name of the gentleman/woman who ignited this display. The original lighter or matchbook would add to the nominees credentials.


I loved how one of the staff was tossing water from a bottle (pitcher?) at around 0:11, up to the fire. Resourceful and quick thinking, but far too little. He did the right thing: scram.

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This one was fairly recent too

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