Industrial Accident: a short text adventure about going haywire

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This is an interesting game with interesting choices.


Wish it would tell me if I found all of the endings there are…

I like the software that enabled this to be written, will have to learn more about it.


I agree.

If you did not play the game yet, do so! It only takes a minute or 5 to finish, and it is worth it!

I feel like this is a really shitty thing to say, (fictional) victim blaming and all, but, if you create a war-robot, that is so badly secured that it can be remotely hacked, someone proceeds to hacks it, and uses it to kill you, you really have only yourself to blame.

The other morality questions in this game are really timely. I’ve heard a lot of questions recently like, is the building security guard at a ICE facility to blame for the “bad stuff” the company does? I don’t know if it is intentional but this game plays with those questions nicely.

FWIW I did not want to kill the security guards in this game, but the people between there and the CEO are a bit harder to give a answer to.

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I killed HR and Marketing but not Legal. Professional courtesy, after all.


Well, that was fun!

It had me thinking about this game, but with the roles reversed:

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My thoughts on the game.

I disagree, it’s immoral to build Robots that can so easy be reconfigured for war.
In the real world, heavy machinery is painted in yellow to remind people to be careful around it. There is a failure of design here. Everyone should have known something was wrong soon as they saw you. If you go up to the conference room, no one will bat an eye if you just act as they expect, and shoot the mannequin.

This game does show why War-Bots are a Bad Idea. Software is malleable, human life is not.

After several play throughs, I see that games have conditioned me to want achievements.

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