Ineligible folk joined 'One Medical' just to jump the vaccine line

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One Medical pro-rates the membership fee if you cancel. So the cheaters who did this aren’t necessarily rich people who can just throw away $200. They’ll get the remaining 11 months refunded. (But the could still be rich people, of course. But also rich, cheap people. Dunno.)

(Also, last I checked the membership fee is called an “App access fee” or some such weird wording, possibly to get around insurance agreements that normally don’t let doctor’s offices charge patients an extra fee.)


I am sure this will only fuck with legit One Medical customers who had nothing to do with this.


I’ve only tried it once, and the service was great (no, not to get a vaccine). But I also found out that the nice doctor I saw had Kaiser through his employer, One Medical. So, even as the service was great, the doctors there need access to more than a nice doc in the box for their medical needs and have to go elsewhere. The US medical system is so bizarrely, capitalistically fractured.


Americans will turn anything into “sport / I got’a win”, even when it means putting others in harms way, actually that likely adds an incentive for some of them. Jumping the line is taking a more needy persons vaccine, it should be punishable offense by never getting the vaccine, ever.


Yup. I’ve had One Medical for 4 years now. As A T1 diabetic, it has been really helpful to have a place that’ll see me at close to a moments notice. One twist: my One Medical office is in San Francisco, near my workplace. I live in Oakland, and haven’t been going to my workplace the last year. Unclear how they would manage county-based allocation in that situation.

Anyways… I’m really pissed off, and especially as a T1, that my ability to get a vaccine at my doctor’s office has been taken away. Unclear where my ire should be placed.

I have a friend of mine describe it this way: “Healthcare is SO COMPLICATED that only 29 of 30 first world nations got it right.”

The US healthcare system is a train full of dumpster fires. The mental healthcare system is a container ship filled with containers, which are filled with dumpsters, all on fire.


Yeah, I have One Medical through my employer. I got an email months back saying “please register and we’ll tell you when you’re eligible for a shot”. I never received any notification, so there’s something more going on than “One Medical is skeevy”.

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I mean, yeah privileged assholes will be privileged assholes. But what percentage of a all vaccinations are attributable to this? We need people to be vaccinated…if we happen to vaccinate a few assholes along the way, I can live with that…

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“the system designed to most quickly and effectively return us to that normal”

Says who? Isn’t the idea to get the most people vaccinated the quickest way possible? Additionally, getting us back to normal means vaccinating the working age people. So, not, the system was not designed to with getting us back to normal quickly, it was designed to save the lives of the oldest living humans with the least amount of life expectancy left. Israel is the only place doing it correctly. The rest of the world is emotion driven.

It’s designed to save the lives of the people most likely to be killed by Covid, with the highest risk factors and the highest exposure. That’s not emotion.


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