Informative and thorough video on how to best sterilize your groceries

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Man, I thought I was being thorough, but this guy’s on a whole other level. I don’t really think this is practicable for people for a lot of reasons (no outdoor space or garage to leave food safely, for example). This is what I’ve been sharing with friends:

Take a canvas bag and spray it down inside and outside with peroxide in a pray bottle

Put your keys, credit card, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and anything else you might need in it

Put on sterile gloves before you touch anything outside your home

Sanitize the cart handle and try not to touch anything you don’t have to (handles and keypads especially)

Ask for paper bags at the store (don’t use plastic or your reusable bags for now)

Take off the gloves and sanitize hands, then put on new gloves before getting in the car

When you get home take everything to your porch and wipe it down with peroxide, especially plastics and anything hard (I’ve also just sprayed the exterior of cardboard boxes and let them air dry)

ETA: Don’t bring the shit inside first unless you have to! Don’t double the risk of contamination before you even start.

Set things inside your door once decontaminated and don’t move them until they’re all clean.

Spray and wipe down your door knob both inside and outside

Wash your hands before touching anything else

I’m sure I could go crazier here, but this method eliminates the vast majority of risk. Anything I missed?


I found this really useful despite the fact that he’s a doctor who buys Arby’s.


Oh, I forgot; after you use each item in the canvas bag, return it to the bag without touching anything else. When you get to your car, give it another squirt of peroxide and decontaminate the same way you do the groceries once you get home.


This is good but flamethrowers are faster.

Seriously though, we’re just doomed.


Use android play/apple pay touch less whenever possible.

Funny I had to pause the video to get an amazon delivery of Kerig pods … with gloves … and sanitizer the cups are dumped into a larger box.


Who knew the Anal Retentive Chef would actually come to pass?


According to the FDA: “Currently there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.”

So take measures you feel are reasonably proportionate.


I believe that anything you can do is helpful to a degree. But the big problem is all of the infection vectors at this point.

What ended up on your clothes when you were out shopping or getting fast food? Or your shoes? Did you walk into your house and sit down to take your shoes off, or kick them off at the door? Did you strip outside and put your clothing in a bag? If you stripped, did you step where you already walked when you still had shoes on?

If you are of a particularly OCD mentality, thoughts like that will drive you insane.


Yeah, this is great advice. Unfortunately, my small local bank doesn’t support this yet. Maybe now they’ll open access.


Yeah, it’s really about reducing contact. There’s no reasonable way for the average person to ensure zero contact. Now, if you were a celebrity or super rich you could just sacrifice one of the hoi polloi to do your shopping and decon procedures and just enjoy your 10k square foot mansion and grounds.

Also, take-out is nuts at this point. I have zero confidence that 99% of places are observing food safety protocols normally. I’ve worked in too many restaurants.


The best part about this vid is realizing my routine is not over the top. My wife thinks I’m a bit crazy sometimes. Medium size quibble - he doesn’t do anything for that dirty dirty broccoli and then sends it to his parents. I dunk my delicate produce in soapy water for ~30 seconds then rinse really well under running water. Small quibble - its not sterile technique, more a meatball mix of hope for the best, aseptic and sterile techniques.


In Mexico, iodine solutions like BacDyn for soaking fruits and vegetables are sold in the produce section.


One minor nit I would pick: for takeout food, wash the condiment packets before dispensing them.


The whole state is like that. Main food groups in Michigan are Arby’s, chili dogs, chili cheese fries, chili burgers, and hot dogs.



They’re called Coney Islands and they are pure and wholesome.


only in Detroit, in GR they’re chili dogs. And we have local chains dedicated to the numerous ways you can dress a hot dog.

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I mean, yes, hot dogs shouldn’t be naked. It’s obscene.


How am I going to sterilize my cotton candy?


coleslaw and potato chips.

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