Infosec vs. its predators

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Due process is a bitch, amirite?

It took me some digging to find out what a missing stair is. I guess all the cool kids already know?


It’s offtopic, but…

It reminds me of a really great bachelor party I went to once. Yeah, there was a stripper and a topless DJ, but the groom had a ton of female friends who were also my friends, and I saw nary a boob the whole night I was having such a good time shooting the bull with everyone.

Anyways, the basement was where the bar was at this house (groom’s best friend’s house), and it had a set of steps which was both steep and had the bottom step being half-height. Early evening, there was some close calls with people stumbling, but later on, there was some full-on 6-8 person pileups with people heading downstairs.

Great party. Maybe I should start putting all my off topic anecdotes in spoiler tags, yeah?


Where does due process or the lack thereof play into this. Due process isn’t a requirement for social interactions.


Rule 1, Cuzcos rule: no touchy. Nooo touchy.
Rule 2, Obvious rule: know your audience.

Pretty simple guys.


It’s still relatively new. When I post the phrase I still add the original pervocracy link under it, because even though that article is more than 5 years old it’s only in the last 6 months that the term has begun to gain currency as the apt description it is. The sad fact is that most of us, after reading that article, can immediately associate the term with someone with whom we’ve been acquainted.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes these Missing Stairs persist in their communities not because they “do good work” or have talent or power but because they’ve just established themselves as fixtures through sheer time-serving.

You’d think so, but apparently not.


It’s almost as though employers judge accusations against their employees on a case-by-case basis and decide appropriate punishment based on that judgment.

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powers of a turnip woof woof

a headline like this used to hail an article that discussed why a particular niche of the working world was a particularly supportive niche for the growth of something gross and harmful. Now that we know how just how robust and adaptive this species is, though, the articles have all restructured into taxonomies that catalogue how the little bastards that flourish in this particular setting tend to be of a strain particularly adapted to that ecosystem…


And in this case we get to decide if we think that judgment is appropriate, because his accusers went public, he admitted what he did to them, and the Times had to judge his behavior in public. Publicity raises the stakes, for all involved.


Wow, I had no idea there was such a shortage of writers these days. I mean there is right? Why else would anyone want to keep an admitted sexual predator on the payroll? Oh oh oh… that’s right… we have one as president now. That must be the reason right?

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Lets hope that’s what it was.

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I’ve been called stubborn, really stubborn, excruciatingly stubborn.

This is simple guys.


I’ve been in the infosec community for a while, and it’s… interesting… seeing this change. I’ve had a few fun ins with “missing stairs” myself, and I have mixed feelings when I see people on Twitter talking about how much of a problem someone has been for so long, when I can think back and recall them being present at events I had incidents at.

It’s not fun to feel like you’re not one of the “cool kids” who gets perks like jobs at famous companies, invites to exclusive parties at Defcon, or warnings keep your eye on your drink around a known serial abusers.

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